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 (mŭl′tə-plĭ-kā′tĭv, mŭl′tə-plĭk′ə-tĭv)
1. Tending to multiply or capable of multiplying or increasing.
2. Having to do with multiplication.

mul′ti·pli′ca·tive·ly adv.
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Adv.1.multiplicatively - in a multiplicative manner; "the errors increased multiplicatively"
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-- By multiplicatively combining the categorical variables with the main effects, an interaction term indicated a negative relationship between Simplicity and Forest Service builders.
We can look at them additively and we can look at them multiplicatively....
Those approaches describe the interaction multiplicatively as a genotype score multiplied by an environment score.
In maximising your bank and simultaneously affording some level of safety Kelly is useful to the bettor in that it also amplifies, assuming you're in profit, the compound interest effect whereby winnings increase multiplicatively and thus very quickly if all your calculations are spot-on.
This exercise is based on the Intensive Direct Algebraic Phoneme System that states, "When a child is confused by reading or number sense, combining the two will multiplicatively decrease the likelihood of understanding."
The introduction of the main components of LEN (linear contracts, negative exponential, multiplicatively separable preferences, and normal distributions with an exogenous second moment) into economics and, maybe in particular, into accounting research was chiefly due to Holmstrom and Milgrom (1987, 1991).
Next, using a hierarchical multiple regression, the independent effects and multiplicatively combined interaction effects of the risk and protective variables were calculated, controlling for multicollinearity.
No attempt was made, at this stage, to identify clusters of assessments that may multiplicatively improve diagnostic accuracy.
The effect of interventions due to multiple failures is included by use of a function included multiplicatively in the intensity process.
Bad information here drives up not only tier-two costs, it multiplicatively raises the prices of tier-one/system integrators and OEMs, alike.