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Having or conceiving multiple centers of power or influence: a multipolar world; a multipolar approach to foreign policy.

mul′ti·po·lar′i·ty (-pō-lăr′ĭ-tē, -pə-) n.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a distribution of power between three or more countries, alliances, parties, etc
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The region's multipolarity has allowed India to develop ties with a range of Middle Eastern states.
In this alarming scenario, the liberal, rights-based elements of the universal system would not survive the consolidation of multipolarity.
In a separate development on Wednesday, Putin addressed the Development of Parliamentarism international forum, organized by the Russian lower house, during which he specifically stressed that certain states' persistent reluctance to accept the world's multipolarity results in escalating tensions and undermines strategic stability.
This alliance is claimed to be directed against the Iranian threat, but it actually aims at limiting Russia, China, and Europe's progress, as well as Turkey and Iran's, as the world moves swiftly towards global multipolarity and towards regional pluralism that Trump seeks to put the brakes on by any means necessary.
However, discussing multipolarity over here does not mean that a multipolar world has emerged, and US unipolarity has diminished.
In contrast, Lavrov hailed "a new geopolitical era marked by 'multipolarity,' stating that 'the emergence of new centers of power to maintain stability in the world requires the search for a balance of interests and compromises.' He said there was a shift in the center of global economic power to East from West," Newsweek wrote on April 12, providing further detail.
"We greatly value the relevance and importance of Russia in the region, especially what role Russia has lately played toward the Afghan reconciliationhellip Russia looks toward balance of power and multipolarity in the world.
Ambassador Vice Admiral (R) Khan Hasham Bin Siddique, President of IPRI said on Wednesday that due to US President Trump's hands-off policy in the Middle East and rise of multipolarity, there is rebalancing of power in the region with states on the one side and non-state actors, on the other.
With the advent of multipolarity, states relations are perpetually evolving, and hence adding new connotations to its theories and application.
Such a development would signify the emergence of multipolarity without multilateralism, and create a climate of conflicting interests and values among a diverse group of countries.
Yet peace and development remain the call of the day, the trend of economic globalization and multipolarity is moving forward on many fronts, and the application of information and communication technology (ICT) and cultural diversity are reshaping our societies in profound ways.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 9 (ANI): Spain's Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said that no European nation is "capable" of responding to the rise of multipolarity and a new world order with the emergence of "economic giants" like India, China, and Brazil.