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 (mŭl′tē-rā′shə-lĭz′əm, -tī-)
Equality of political representation and social acceptance in a society made up of various races.
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Finally, I conclude by evaluating how meritocracy and multiracialism have historically precluded discussions of difference along racial and ethnic lines in Singapore, the micropolitics of everyday co-existence are organised through inclusion as characterised by the intertwined processes of migrant management and continuous re-enactment of appropriate conduct.
26 "The Fabian Society, The Labour Party and Mass Immigration - State Enforced Multiculturalism and Multiracialism i.
Chapter 1 contends with Jamaica's "hetero-masculinist" definition of citizenship in relation to the politics of creole multiracialism and black nationalism Itmakes innovative use of cultural texts describing Prime Minister Michael Manley, who typifies the politics of Jamaica during the 1970s.
Contributors to this book include scholars in higher education, sociology, political science, and social justice education, as well as experts and researchers in race, racism, social inequality, and multiracialism.
I believe this movement towards multiracialism is partially a response to that frustration.
Sanchez, '"What's Good for Boyle Heights Is Good for the Jews': Creating Multiracialism on the Eastside during the 1950s," American Quarterly 56.
Patriots who are opposed to multiracialism, and want the freedom to say so, are condemned from all sides, left and right, and the political establishment promotes it from the nursery to university and in all forms of the mass media.
The lifestyle and identity chapter opens up other avenues of inquiry as well as challenges monolithic understandings of black identity and relationships including encouraging scholars to question beliefs about romantic relationships, family structures, residential segregation, and multiracialism.
Interculturalism, multiracialism, and transculturalism: Australian and Canadian experiences in the 1990s.
it should be noted that, while the party may have been successful in "naturalising" its ideology of multiracialism among Singaporeans, its hegemony is never complete, because judging by past electoral results, there has always been a portion of the population who view the nation differently'.
Indeed, pluralism is in peril in significant parts of Southeast Asia, including in Malaysia, which has always prided itself on its multiracialism.
Among the topics Greene has taught and written about include racial and gender inequality in the workplace; workplace grooming codes; comparative slavery and race relations law; historic and contemporary racial determination cases; multiracialism and the law; critical race theory; and race and gender in legal academia.
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