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 (mŭl′tē-rā′shə-lĭz′əm, -tī-)
Equality of political representation and social acceptance in a society made up of various races.
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This Government's members are dominated by people who are enveloped by imperial nostalgia and hold outdated social views on matters like single-sex marriage and multiracialism.
The party is dominated by people of pensionable age who are enveloped by imperial nostalgia and hold outdated social views on matters like single-sex marriage and multiracialism.
The particular trajectory of Singapore as an independent state--its celebrated housing policy, its rise from a colonial backwater to a highly successful capitalist economy, its multiracialism, the lack of corruption and its more recent positioning of itself as a communications hub for Southeast Asia and beyond, and the authoritarianism, censorship, hounding through the courts of opposition politicians and other social critics, the huge defence budget and its status as effectively a one-party state politically--are here examined in a systematic and engaging way.
Unlike the apartheid state, the white nationalist Rhodesian Front (RF) government could never reconfigure the university's principles of multiracialism and academic freedom because of financial and political constraints and the economic need for expert manpower.
Amalgamation schemes: Antiblackness and the critique of multiracialism. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.
and reinforced by multiracialism's loyal opposition.
In it, Klare warned that future generations will judge the Constitutional Court by the contribution it makes in achieving goals such as equality, social justice, human dignity and deepening the culture of multiracialism.
Gerakan was the pioneer of liberalism, multiracialism and pragmatism in Malaysian politics in the early days of nationhood.
It showed the world how, thanks to a 36-year-old biracial American, the British monarchy has evolved from its traditionally white establishment character into one embracing multiracialism and a few present-day realities.
Finally, I conclude by evaluating how meritocracy and multiracialism have historically precluded discussions of difference along racial and ethnic lines in Singapore, the micropolitics of everyday co-existence are organised through inclusion as characterised by the intertwined processes of migrant management and continuous re-enactment of appropriate conduct.
26 "The Fabian Society, The Labour Party and Mass Immigration - State Enforced Multiculturalism and Multiracialism i.e.
Chapter 1 contends with Jamaica's "hetero-masculinist" definition of citizenship in relation to the politics of creole multiracialism and black nationalism Itmakes innovative use of cultural texts describing Prime Minister Michael Manley, who typifies the politics of Jamaica during the 1970s.
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