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1. Functioning in more than one stage: a multistage design project.
2. Relating to or composed of two or more propulsion units.
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1. (Astronautics) (of a rocket or missile) having several stages, each of which can be jettisoned after it has burnt out
2. (Aeronautics) (of a turbine, compressor, or supercharger) having more than one rotor
3. (of any process or device) having more than one stage
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(ˈmʌl tɪˌsteɪdʒ)

(of a rocket or guided missile) having more than one stage.
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Noun1.multistage - occurring in more than one stage
period, period of time, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period"
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Fluid handling life sciences company Diba Industries Inc reported on Thursday the receipt of a patent for a multistage syringe assembly from the the US Patent Office .
With three more racing days left, Morales and the Navymen could cement their dominance in the multistage bikathon starting with Thursday's 12th stage, a 40-kilometer individual time trial in Guimaras.
Industrial finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International is now offering a multistage Kerry Microclean aqueous cleaner which is capable of degreasing, defluxing and phosphating a varied component mix.
The quality performance of a multistage manufacturing system reflects the capability of the system delivering conforming quality features during manufacturing (i.e., to meet process specification) at each stage.
New, power-efficient micro-processors with multistage control loops have been applied to achieve enhanced dynamic behavior.
A fundamental feature of buoyant columns is that the large volume needed for hydrodynamic stability offers an unparalleled opportunity for compressed air energy storage at quite low pressures, based on conventional multistage compressors, and cold air expander/generators of multistage configuration for energy recovery.
Starting on August 18, a multistage ticket price model will be used for dmexco 2015.
Khoury provides the theoretical foundations and explanations of the development, evaluation, design, and optimization steps of multistage separation processes and related processes, saying that they constitute the building blocks for the chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum industries.
New Delhi, India, May 29, 2014 --( Mobile app developer and web designer, Keyideas recently announced their plans to shift to a multistage model to create responsive eCommerce websites.
Examples of multistage methods that have been developed recently to solve IVPs for chaotic and nonchaotic systems include the multistage homotopy analysis method [10], piecewise homotopy perturbation methods [11, 12], multistage variational iteration method [13], and multistage differential transformation method [14].

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