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 (mŭl′tĭ-stôr′ē) also mul·ti·sto·ried (-stôr′ēd)
Having several stories: a multistory hotel.


(ˌmʌl tɪˈstɔr i, -ˈstoʊr i)

or mul•ti•sto•ried

(-ˈstɔr id, -ˈstoʊr id)

(of a building) having several or many stories.
[1915–20; multi- + story2]
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Adj.1.multistory - having more than one story
high-rise - used of buildings of many stories equipped with elevators; tall; "avenues lined with high-rise apartment buildings"
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SANDWELL art group Multistory has launched a touring library exhibition plotting the history of Black Country allotment holders and bee keepers.
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Burnt/ Defective 630 Amps Main Lead From Tr-1 Main Panel Amf Panel-1 And Repairing Of Acb Feeding To Multistory Building At Multistory Sub-Station, University Of Delhi.
In recent years, Delhi has seen vertical regeneration of many government colonies, including Moti Bagh and East Kidwai Nagar, but these colonies don't have Type VIII flats in multistory apartments.
Financed by Heritage Lottery Funding Martin's Black Country Stories is a four-year Multistory programme celebrating everyday life across the boroughs of Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell and Dudley.
It is worth mentioning that after 1935 earth quake, ban was imposed on construction of multistory buildings in Quetta but now several commercial and domestic multistory buildings have emerged in the provincial capital.
Several multistory condominium projects have either been recently completed or approved in Glendale and Burbank.
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Electrical Connection To The Capacitor Panel Installed At Multistory Sub-Station From The Main Lt Panel Of Multistory Sub-Station, University Of Delhi