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 (mŭl′tĭ-stôr′ē) also mul·ti·sto·ried (-stôr′ēd)
Having several stories: a multistory hotel.
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(ˌmʌl tɪˈstɔr i, -ˈstoʊr i)

or mul•ti•sto•ried

(-ˈstɔr id, -ˈstoʊr id)

(of a building) having several or many stories.
[1915–20; multi- + story2]
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Adj.1.multistory - having more than one story
high-rise - used of buildings of many stories equipped with elevators; tall; "avenues lined with high-rise apartment buildings"
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Summary: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], July 12 (ANI): In a big relief to people residing in multistory buildings in Uttar Pradesh, including Noida and Ghaziabad, the State government has ordered the builders to give multipoint connections to their clients as a replacement to single-point connections.
SANDWELL art group Multistory has launched a touring library exhibition plotting the history of Black Country allotment holders and bee keepers.
In recent years, Delhi has seen vertical regeneration of many government colonies, including Moti Bagh and East Kidwai Nagar, but these colonies don't have Type VIII flats in multistory apartments.
It is worth mentioning that after 1935 earth quake, ban was imposed on construction of multistory buildings in Quetta but now several commercial and domestic multistory buildings have emerged in the provincial capital.
The SIX project is a joint venture between West Bromwich arts centre The Public, community arts group Multistory and Smith Magazine and was inspired by famous author Ernest Hemingway.
The project is being run by community arts organisation Multistory and artists Julie Edwards and Ron Thompson of Planet Art.