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The multitalented Solenn Heussaff can now tick mural painting off her bucket list, as she finally finished her commissioned mural for salon The Bloc by Junie Sierra and Co, sharing on Instagram last Feb.
The multitalented actor, director and singer Farhan Akhtar was definitely the main draw of the night as he was greeted by loud cheers by his fans.
These artists have displayed 25 paintings in mixed media, cynotype, screen print, intaglio printing and gouche on Vasli.This exhibition reflects the multitalented diversity that young graduates possess in terms of concept, creativity and execution, says Alia Bilgrami, Curator of the gallery.
At 50, multitalented Weller is a lean, silver fox with the energy of a man half his age, who has established himself as one of the bastions of British rock and pop with a huge back catalogue of incredible music.
The two clubs are now negotiating over a series of add-ons for the multitalented 19-year-old - including possible England appearances - which could see the figure rise to pounds 6m.
Also enjoying the spotlight (below, right) multitalented entertainer Stevie Wonder, who frolics with Don Cornelius.
"This improves the quality of life for all who want to dance and produces the multitalented performers who dance in all styles--and they also sing and act."
A new anthology of his writing shows just one side of the dashing and sinfully multitalented Clive Barker
Streetwear-savvy, multitalented and genuinely cool best describe Donny Pangilinan, Kiana Valenciano and Mauri Loosli-the newest endorsers of streetwear brand Oxygen.
A timeless yet modern, high-quality and sporty design, the BMW R 1200 R is truly a multitalented machine.
KINDRED is back with its greatly anticipated second recording, and the multitalented husband-wife duo does not disappoint.
Besides, he is literally surrounded by interesting choreographers--British-born Tim Rushton and former principal Anna Laerkesen, not to mention the multitalented Russian principal Alexei Ratmansky.