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 (mŭl′tē-thrĕd′ĭd, -tī-)
adj. Computers
1. Having more than one thread of execution. Used of applications.
2. Supporting multithreaded applications. Used of programming languages.
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The new mobile PC processors - formerly codenamed "Comet Lake" - are tailor-made to deliver increased productivity and performance scaling for demanding, multithreaded workloads while still enabling thin-and-light laptop and 2-in-1 designs with uncompromising battery life.
Coupled with the Tulipp hardware platform is a parallel, low latency, embedded real-time operating system developed by Hipperos to manage complex multithreaded embedded applications.
Deployable in OCP Yosemite servers, the Agilio CX 50GbE SmartNICs implement a standards-based and open advanced buffer management scheme enabled by the unique many-core multithreaded processing memory-based architecture of the Netronome Network Flow Processor (NFP) silicon.
The difference in performance metrics between the two SKUs can go as high as 16% in multithreaded applications and even more in certain benchmarks.
AMD's Ryzen platform offers an incredible desktop compute experience with multithreaded horsepower plus accessible overclocking and gaming prowess, said a statement from the company.
Ekioh have unveiled Flow, a multithreaded HTML browser specifically designed for multi-core processors that delivers a vastly improved user experience.
NVMe processes are multithreaded, meaning they have multiple simultaneous communication channels, or multiple connections into the storage hardware at the same time.
Additional features include base map symbology to assign colors and symbols to objects based on attribute values; multithreading and algorithm optimizations for gridding data; optimized and multithreaded color relief rendering; Thiessen polygons; Delaunay triangulations; new coordinate systems; and 8 new import options including PDF as vector, MapInfo TAB/MAP vector format, and GeoJSON.
All these cases are reviewed on the multithreaded, thereby giving a chance to the younger colleagues to learn these unusual presentations.4
[24] have done a multithreaded comparison of the RAM usage between the systems TinyOS and Contiki.
Additionally, dtSearch products can parse, index, search, display with highlighted hits, and extract content from full-text and metadata in several data types, including: Web-ready content; other databases; MS Office formats; other "Office" formats, PDF, compression formats; emails and attachments; Recursively embedded objects; Terabyte Indexer; and Concurrent, Multithreaded Searching.
As a case study, we perform the parallelization of these algorithms and their implementation on a GPU to improve the performance over single- and multithreaded CPU implementations.