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By this estimate, manufacture and export of advanced reactors, nuclear power system components, fuel cycle services and materials, and other components and services for even a relatively small portion of the multitrillion dollar trade in nuclear power could produce tens of thousands of US jobs.
Even though the courts' interpretation put at risk a multitrillion dollar debt market, meaningful revisions to the language of the boilerplate term did not begin to appear until late 2014.
The report says the IoT market is forecast to grow into a multitrillion dollar industry within the next decade, incorporating everyday items.
During the forum, we placed a spotlight on the need to increase the amount of the multitrillion dollar public procurement market that is served by women-owned businesses: a mere 1% globally.
The next administration promptly squandered that money on tax cuts primarily benefitting the wealthiest and, a bit later, a multitrillion dollar commitment in Iraq.
The 16-month online program, which will admit applicants for Fall 2013, will cultivate leaders and specialists in a multitrillion dollar industry that is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8 percent globally.
It would get dicey for our industry, however, if Congress tries to finance a more dramatic, multitrillion dollar debt reduction and lower top marginal tax rates.
It actually made the problem worse as the weaker institutions and brokerage firms were merged into multitrillion asset, colossal banks with the implied backing of the U.
We've had massive cases proven in the past involving major footballing nations such as Italy, yet the game's still a multitrillion pound juggernaut and popular as ever.
Still unaware that she was asking about one of the most basic building blocks in the multitrillion dollar money market, Ravazzolo continued, "But did it, did it, did this change recently, was not lending before?
Fast forward a decade and a half, and "that" is a multitrillion dollar global industry, and the call center of today bears about as much resemblance to those early facilities as a Commodore 64 computer does to an iPhone.