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Noun1.multivalency - (chemistry) the state of having a valence greater than two
state - the way something is with respect to its main attributes; "the current state of knowledge"; "his state of health"; "in a weak financial state"
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
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They can be made to deliver hydrophilic or hydrophobic pharmaceuticals, nucleic acids, and imaging contrasts, due to their well-defined size, molecular mass, monodispersity, multivalency, the number of available internal compartments, high level of branching, and many functional groups on the surface [121].
(3) Through analyzing the symbols in this film using two different schools of thought, "semiotic multivalency" arises, or the state of (at least) two distinct interpretations of one set of symbols.
This virtuosity is visible not just in the way Marvell signals his knowledge of literary and intellectual traditions, but in his appropriation and transformation of them in poems that possess inherent complexity and multivalency. Marvell's ability to hybridize and set in productive opposition aspects of religious and profane literary traditions displays his connoisseurship and, relatedly, his aspiration to demonstrate artistic conquest of poetic rivals past and present.
DeSimone, "The Complex Role of Multivalency in Nanoparticles Targeting the Transferrin Receptor for Cancer Therapies," Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol.
Montgomery has been a leader in calling attention to the tendency to produce published editions of early Arabic works that conform more to modern expectations of style, genre, and the fixed and formal object we call a "book" than to the sometimes messy and often nonlinear archival record (see, e.g., his "Serendipity, Resistance, and Multivalency: Ibn Khurradadhbih and his Kitab al-Masalik wa-l-Mamalik," in On Fiction and Adab in Medieval Arabic Literature, ed.
Multivalency of PEG-thiol ligands affects the stability of NIR-absorbing hollow gold nanospheres and gold nanorods.
This example demonstrates vividly Rappaport's arguments about the multivalency of the mestizo label.
This multivalency extends to the impact on the receiver; each reception is unique, dependent on "personal histories, identities, and perceptions" (p.
Computational analysis of multivalency in lectins: structures of garlic lectin oligosaccharide complexes and their aggregates.
While 'naturalness' remains in currency, functioning as a bridging notion (because of its multivalency, rather than in spite of it), some apparently are moving 'beyond naturalness' (Cole and Yung 2010), seeing it in purely aesthetic terms or only as a means toward biodiversity.