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n. pl. mul·ti·ver·si·ties
A university that has numerous constituent and affiliated institutions, such as separate colleges, campuses, and research centers.


(Education) chiefly US and Canadian a university with many constituent and affiliated institutions
[C20: multi- + university]


(ˌmʌl tɪˈvɜr sɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
a university with several campuses, each with many component schools, divisions, etc.


A university that has many affiliated colleges or research institutions at separate campuses.
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Noun1.multiversity - a university system having several separate campuses and colleges and research centers
university - a large and diverse institution of higher learning created to educate for life and for a profession and to grant degrees
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This multiversity would house multiple "communities," as Kerr called them in his influential book, The Uses of The University, with "fuzzy" edges.
The goal of the centre, called 1440 Multiversity, is to "recognise that the blazing success of the internet catalysed powerful connections, yet did not help people connect to themselves.
Esta situacion fue advertida por Clark Kerr, expresidente de la Universidad de Berkeley, a principios de los anos 60: la universidad norteamericana se habia convertido en una multiversity bajo la presion de diferentes publicos.
4) Those sprawling multiversity Leviathans probably need, for their many divisions and operations and revenue streams, large bureaucracies and an overarching managerial structure and several sets of complexly furcated organizational flow charts that start to resemble on paper tall and wide Christmas trees.
Shokry has an explanation for the multiversity of his interests and activities.
Present in the meeting are leaders from Urban Poor Associates, Community Organizers Multiversity (CO Multiversity), and Ugnayang Lakas ng mga Apektadong Pamilya (ULAP).
By the twenty-first century, "the university" had become "the multiversity," with no guarantee that even a Ph.
As such it becomes not a university but a multiversity nominally presiding over a set of disciplinary guilds, each anxious to protect its autonomy and increase its relative influence.
El Museo de Antropologia de la universidad de Columbia Britanica tiene una larga tradicion de colaboracion con los pueblos indigenas para decidir sobre sus montajes expositivos, pero bajo la direccion de Anthony Shelton algunas personas indigenas que han escogido piezas mostradas en las Multiversity Galleries figuran con su nombre y foto e incluso con declaraciones escritas de caracter personal.
According to Teixeira (1989) the contemporary university should be: 1) humanistic, offering a general, philosophical, and basic training, like a medieval university; 2) modern, focusing on research and production of knowledge, like the Humboldt University of Berlin; 3) social, in examining societal problems, like the Newman University (training the mind rather than diffusing useful knowledge); and 4) a multiversity, linking industry and national development.
An alternative black Superman, one who is president of the United States, is part of a team in DC Comics' "The Multiversity.