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Producing more than one brood in a single season: multivoltine moths.

[multi- + French -voltine, having a given number of broods in one season (from Italian volta, time, turn; see volt2).]


(Zoology) entomol (of an organism) producing more than two broods or generations per year
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High reproductive potential, multivoltine life history, ability to feed and reproduce on multiple hosts, and adaptation to a wide range of climatic conditions are features that make S.
The trehalase gene was expressed in non-diapause eggs of the multivoltine silkworm Bombyx mori for 9 days, whereas that in the diapause eggs was not upregulated.
Genetic Variability and Selection Indices for Economic Quantitative Traits of Multivoltine Mulberry Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.
2001: Adaptive precocial reproduction in voles: reproductive costs and multivoltine life-history strategies in seasonal environments.
It is a multivoltine and polyphagous pest attacking many agricultural and vegetable crops throughout the world (Cunningham et al.
ruficeps to be a multivoltine species without a diapause period.
Few studies have evaluated the emergence of Chironomidae in aquatic communities because they are much diversified (MARCONDES; PINHO, 2005), exhibit multivoltine cycles (SONODA et al.
Historical and projected interactions between climate change and insect voltinism in a multivoltine species, Global Change Biology 14: 951-957.
They are usually multivoltine with several generations at low latitudes (Nikbakhtzadeh and Tirgari, 2008).
Whiteflies are multivoltine and polyphagous and can survive and develop on a wide variety of alternative plant species in the absence of the main commercial crops.
Thus, species with slow larval (embryonic) growth rates are usually semelparous and univoltine, but can be iteroparous by precocious birth of larvae (embryos), and multivoltine by accelerated growth of semelparous individuals.