mum's the word

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mum 1

Not verbalizing; silent.
Used as a command to stop speaking.
mum's the word
Say nothing of the secret you know: Mum's the word on the surprise party.

[Middle English mom, mum, perhaps imitative of closing one's lips.]

mum 2

intr.v. mummed, mum·ming, mums
1. To act or play in a pantomime.
2. To go merrymaking in a mask or disguise especially during a festival.

[Middle English mummen, from Old French momer, to masquerade, mum, probably imitative of the indistinct, muffled voices of mummers behind their masks.]

mum 3

n. Chiefly British

[Short for mummy.]

mum 4

A chrysanthemum.

mum 5

A strong beer originally brewed in Brunswick, Germany.

[German Mumme.]
References in classic literature ?
Her father'sh in difficultiesh, and mum's the word, my dear.
Tickets for the Mum's the Word Ladies Charity Lunch, which runs from noon until 4pm, are priced at PS29.
Other members of the Mum's The Word cast include Tracy Shaw - probably best known for playing Maxine Peacock in Coronation Street - and fellow Corrie star Sally Ann Matthews.
Produced by Robert C Kelly Limited and a smash-hit on two continents, Mum's the Word comprises five women, five stories and one common thread; a hilarious and intimate look at motherhood.
Mum's The Word, His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen, 01224 641122, 7.
So far, mum's the word from the United Way, however.
But since a Republican is President, mum's the word for most Republicans.
MUM'S THE WORD J A radiant Carole Middleton shows off baby Kate shortly after the youngster's birth in January 1982
MUM'S the word for a Birmingham woman rallying support for a Birmingham charity in memory of her dead mother.
Mum's the word Dinner, bed and breakfast starts at pounds 150 for two.
That's why all the cast in Mum's The Word, which comes to Rhyl this month, have all given birth themselves.
MUM'S the word at a local legal firm after a baby boom there.