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v. mum·mi·fied, mum·mi·fy·ing, mum·mi·fies
1. To make into a mummy by embalming and drying.
2. To cause to shrivel and dry up.
To shrivel or dry up like a mummy.

mum′mi·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
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(Archaeology) preserved as a mummy
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As I approached it I saw that it was the dead and mummified remains of a little old woman with long black hair, and the thing it leaned over was a small charcoal burner upon which rested a round copper vessel containing a small quantity of greenish powder.
In the one case a man lies dead-alive four genera- tions -- mummified in ignorance and sloth -- and that qualifies him to command live people, and take their weal and woe into his impotent hands; and in the other case, a man lies bedded with death and worms four generations, and that qualifies him for office in the celestial camp.
The figures were scarce a foot in height and but for their diminutive proportions might have been the mummified bodies of once living men.
r Numb3rs (10pm) When a movie producer's body is found mummified, the detectives follow a lead to a movie that showed a crime scene exactly like the one under investigation.
THE mummified head of an Egyptian surgeon and his internal organs are among the gruesome artefacts to go on show at a new Black Country exhibition.
Bakt en Hor, an Egyptian mummy dating from 1070-712BC and a mummified human head from around 600BC will feature on a programme about mummies on The History Channel.
The mummified man, thought to be in his mid 50s when he died, is set to go on a year-long tour of Japan in January.
The woman was mummified when, roughly 750 years ago, her dead body was buried in the desert.
Think of Lichtenstein's boneless, fleshless housewives, Segal's mummified city dwellers, Wesselmann's faceless, airbrushed sex toys.
Millions of mummified mammals, birds and reptiles have been discovered, dating back more than 3,000 years.
Specimens analyzed were from muscle and visceral tissues in excavated, naturally mummified human bodies buried in that hyperarid desert during the past 9 millennia.
A mummified lion has been discovered for the first time in an ancient Egyptian tomb, confirming long-held beliefs that big cats, as well as the domestic variety, were held sacred by the pharaohs.