mummy's boy

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mummy’s boy

n (Brit inf) → Muttersöhnchen nt (inf)
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Molly has a lot to deal with: Her mum spends all her time painting in the attic, her dad has abandoned them, leaving only a PowerPoint presentation to explain his actions, and her sister Polly has run off with a mummy's boy.
Any love hopeful will have a high bar to achieve as Tommy revealed that he's a mummy's boy and he will look for signs of her in whoever he couples up with.
The Father Ted star, right, who is best known for his role as witless priest Fr Dougal Maguire, will make a guest appearance as Eamonn, the awkward middleaged mummy's boy of the extended Quinn/McCool family.
But this series reveals the real Paul to be a caring mummy's boy (pictured together, above) who's never forgotten his roots.
Dear Coleen I DIDN'T realise what a mummy's boy my ex-husband was and how influenced he was by her until we married.
My mum is not impressed with that at all" Poldark star Aidan Turner admits he is still a mummy's boy "Previous winners include Sir Elton John, Salman Rushdie and Colin Firth, and just when you think it couldn't get more impressive ...
He likes to cuddle up on my bed and is definitely a mummy's boy. He's a very good traveller in the car and has twice done 2500 miles to Scotland and around on holiday.
The insider asserted that the teen icon is a real mummy's boy and she would be devastated if that ever changed.
More recently, he's had time to peS n his autobiography, Mummy's Boy, charting a life which has had more twists and turns than an EastEnders plot.
QI'M a loving but unfussy mother of a 26-year-old son, but I'm afraid I've turned him into a Mummy's boy.
The loud, violent Lager Lout of the Eighties and his cuddlier Nineties counterpart Soft Lad are joined today by another trendsetter: Mummy's Boy.
My mum is not impressed with that at all" Poldark star Aidan Turner admits he is still a mummy's boy Our nation is more divided than ever in my lifetime and we're living through an unprecedented period of uncertainty.