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"Don't you be uneasy, mum," said Bob, touching his cap.
I'd just as soon tell you who I am, though, if you'll swear to keep mum, for I ain't no Phillips, either."
All the servants were instructed to address her as "Mum," or "Madam"-- and there was one little maid, on her promotion, who persisted in calling her "My Lady," without any rebuke on the part of the housekeeper.
It don't make any difference WHAT happens, we got to keep mum. We'd drop down dead -- don't YOU know that?"
"Please to don't poke fun at a poor girl like me, mum. If I'm in the way here, I'll --"
Don't say you don't know that, Mum. Howsever, the boy went there to play.
She had hardly time to greet Rose and the doctor before the boys were about her, each clamouring for her to see his gift and rejoice over it with him, for "little Mum" went halves in everything.
'I think she might have been mistrustful, mum,' answered Sloppy, hesitating.
'Wery nigh, mum.' And indeed, after scraping the dish all round with his knife and carrying the choice brown morsels to his mouth, and after taking such a scientific pull at the stone bottle that, by degrees almost imperceptible to the sight, his head went further and further back until he lay nearly at his full length upon the ground, this gentleman declared himself quite disengaged, and came forth from his retreat.
Before the first stroke had died away, Sandy Jim had loosed his plane and was reaching his jacket; Wiry Ben had left a screw half driven in, and thrown his screwdriver into his tool-basket; Mum Taft, who, true to his name, had kept silence throughout the previous conversation, had flung down his hammer as he was in the act of lifting it; and Seth, too, had straightened his back, and was putting out his hand towards his paper cap.
'Not a bit on it, mum,' replied Sam.--'Is it, shepherd?'
"Her father'sh in difficultiesh, and mum's the word, my dear." To that answer he adhered, in spite of all that I could say to him.