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1. (Cookery) a type of earth oven in Papua New Guinea
2. (Cookery) a pork dish cooked in such an oven
3. (Clothing & Fashion) a loose Hawaiian dress, often brightly coloured, that hangs from the shoulder. Also: muu-muu



n., pl. -muus.
a long, loose-hanging dress, usu. brightly colored or patterned.
[1920–25; < Hawaiian mu'umu'u, literally, cut-off; so called because it orig. lacked a yoke]
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In the afternoon they would sit in my mother's terrace and talk about dogs, my mother's diet coke, and mumu (monsters).
The Cavern, Mathew Street, Liverpool 0151 236 1965 - Sat, 27 Jan mUmU Tenth Anniversary mUmU will reach its truly momentous 10th birthday in Liverpool, with Mathias Kaden, Ryan Elliott, Gary Beck and original resident Lee Rands all joining the party.
In a prepared speech which was jointly signed by the Convener of #EndSARS, Segun Awosanya; Concerned Nigerians, Deji Adeyanju; Coalition In Defence Of Nigerian Democracy, Ariyo Dare Atoye; Our Mumu Don Do Movement, Adebayo Raphael; as well as Public Interest Lawyer, Abdul Mahmud and Campaign For Democracy, Bako Abdul Usman, a copy of which was obtained by the Nigerian Tribune in Abuja, the protesters said, the actions were indicative that the unit has outlived its usefulness and now constituted a clear and present threat to the safety, wellbeing and welfare of most Nigerians.
Martin Mumu, Anthony Mutisya and Nicholas Mumo scored a goal each to end Nairobi's dream.
Niraula K, Kohrt BA, Flora MS, Thapa N, Mumu SJ, Pathak R, et al.
With tried-and-true and new brands, such as Show Me Your Mumu, Mata Traders, Hoven sunglasses, Sun Bum sunscreen, Aviate hats, Riccio and Penguin jewelry, it's hard to stay away from this trendy treasure.
Dave beloved husband of Jen, dearly loved dad of Nicola and Jeff, dear father-in-law of Mel and Mumu and loving brother of Derek, Colin and Christine.
The best way to hear music in this city of greats is to stand on a street corner, and listen out for the sounds of the city, but as you are likely to very quickly be sworn at for being a swegbe, mumu or any other choice local epithet, your best bet is to respect yourself and find some of the places in Lagos that will indulge your passion.
Show Me Your MuMu leopard skirt, $120; Lavender Brown red silk top, $128; Sam Edelman shoes, $120; Kendra Scott jewels, $50-110
Lox can tell that his dear friend MuMu feels out of sorts and he tries to entice away her blues by suggesting a variety of treats: shopping, games, food, films and the fairground, and much more besides.