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1. (Cookery) a type of earth oven in Papua New Guinea
2. (Cookery) a pork dish cooked in such an oven
3. (Clothing & Fashion) a loose Hawaiian dress, often brightly coloured, that hangs from the shoulder. Also: muu-muu



n., pl. -muus.
a long, loose-hanging dress, usu. brightly colored or patterned.
[1920–25; < Hawaiian mu'umu'u, literally, cut-off; so called because it orig. lacked a yoke]
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In another one, an old man tries to mumu rice, another old man thinks that laundry soap bars are cooking grease and mumus pig meat along with soap bars.
2[degrees]C reported for tigernut, mumu and different pea cultivars, respectively [19, 21, 25].
r Andrewr Davies,a defending, said Fletcherc ,r a mumu at15,had battled drug addiction and relationship problems r and would be "vulnerabr le" in prison.
Thus, a resistance to social equality underlined by colonial imagery often reasserts colonial models as in Marie Vieux-Chauvet's Amour [Love] and an emphasis on the country and a rejection of the city, as in Lindsay Barrett's Song for Mumu.
Emoliyentler, vazelin, parafin gibi hidrokarbonlar, setil veya stearil alkol, bal mumu, lanolin, mineral yaglar, bitkisel yaglar veya sentetik yaglar gibi farkli maddeleri icerebilirler.
skewers), Rotschild, Mumu, Belkostrel, Poligraph, Nanotechnology, Sunny Beach (after a Bulgarian sea resort), Nabur (acronym from the Russian words Hope for the Future of Russia), Brin (from Bulgarian-Russian initiatives).
Hemlaal Mumu, Minister of Industries, Jharkhand, says that one cannot ignore the role of Tussar industry in creating employment opportunities in the state.
Even among peasants, the fictional Gerasim's deep affection for his dog Mumu was probably not so exceptional.
Sister (Sr) Mary Mumu who is the Women Desk Diocesan Coordinator said the two-week long workshop has drawn together women leaders from six (6) missions of the diocese, adding that the workshop focuses on leadership and peace building capacity.
13) ngeli nearness furtherness furthestness - (nearer) (further) (furthest) a (s) huyu huyo yule wa (p) hawa hao wale u (s) huu huo ule i (p) hii hiyo ile /i (s) hili hilo lile ya (p) haya hayo yale ki (s) hiki hicho kule vi (p) hivi hivyo vile i(s) hii hiyo ile zi (p) hizi hizo zile u (s) huu huo ule zi (p) hizi hizo zile ku huku huko kule pa - hapa hapo pale ku huku huko kule mu mumu mumo mle