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v. munched, munch·ing, munch·es
1. To chew food audibly or with a steady working of the jaws.
2. To eat with pleasure.
To chew or eat (food) audibly or with pleasure.

[Middle English monchen.]

munch′er n.
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Noun1.muncher - a chewer who makes a munching noise
chewer - someone who chews (especially someone who chews tobacco)
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The concrete muncher first began nibbling at the Central Library in December 2015.
Anthony Muncher, secretary of the Sea Urchins, said: "A couple of our colleagues had been visiting the centre, and noticed there was nothing there to commemorate our units.
The atrium was created using a bespoke JCB machine - fondly known as the Mega Muncher - which was used by local demolition firm Coleman & Company to remove two floors of concrete from the old station structure.
The body was here also evoked in the museum displays captured in photographs, such as Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe Vitrine "80er Jabre," Dauerausstellung (Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe Vitrine "The '80s," Permanent Exhibition), 2014, and Muncher Stadtmuseum, 25.
While being a resident buttery muncher certainly helps one get much of the humour, it's not necessary to appreciate the bizarre local characters, comic situations and parody songs.
The Mono Muncher has dramatically reduced the number of pipeline blockages occurring at the Karanlage Jagersfreude plant--the largest facility of its kind in the Saarbrucken area - and so helped minimise both downtime and maintenance costs.
BAKER Hughes recently introduced Metal Muncher AMT (advanced milling technology) cutters to achieve greater efficiency and longer runs with cutting and milling systems used for casing exits and wellbore intervention.
iMunchie added that on registration, each muncher can create a personal profile, send messages and"friend" fellow munchers, as well as blog and share with other popular social networking communities.
has unveiled a prototype of "The Muncher," a state-of-the-art waste reduction system for converting solid waste into compost--in less than an hour.
Nutter the Survivor" is a fresh, inspiring adventure tale about an unusual white puppy named Nutter Butter Muncher Wutter Pupper who desires to escape from her cramped, caged life to a world of freedom and dreams of a loving home.
Children from year one and two at Golcar Junior, Infant and Nursery School had a fantastic time performing the musical The Litter Muncher for family and friends.