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v. munched, munch·ing, munch·es
1. To chew food audibly or with a steady working of the jaws.
2. To eat with pleasure.
To chew or eat (food) audibly or with pleasure.

[Middle English monchen.]

munch′er n.
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Noun1.muncher - a chewer who makes a munching noise
chewer - someone who chews (especially someone who chews tobacco)
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Factor in the heritage listing, and demands that come with this, and you come to the conclusion any project developer in their right mind realises it is a money muncher, with little in return!
ANOTHER week, another city centre building bites the dust as it is chewed up by a concrete muncher.
The twins start out by being bored and getting lost, then falling down a hole, finding a baby pet alien friend they name Spot, and meeting a monster Mars Rock Muncher who rescues them from the underground tunnel.
From The Muncher Titanium Multi Utensil, PS39.99 This all-in-one lightweight multi-tool prepares you for any eventuality.
The concrete muncher first began nibbling at the Central Library in December 2015.
Anthony Muncher, secretary of the Sea Urchins, said: "A couple of our colleagues had been visiting the centre, and noticed there was nothing there to commemorate our units.
The body was here also evoked in the museum displays captured in photographs, such as Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe Vitrine "80er Jabre," Dauerausstellung (Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe Vitrine "The '80s," Permanent Exhibition), 2014, and Muncher Stadtmuseum, 25.1.2013--15.9.2013 "Geschmackssache--Mode der 70er Jahre" (Muncher Stadtmuseum, 25.1.2013--15.9.2013 "Taste--Fashion of the '70s"), 2014, in which the human presence is recorded in the form of reflections or shadows visible in a series of vitrines, not to mention in the images and mannequins that were incorporated into the displays.
NOV MONO has helped solve an ongoing maintenance problem for a major German wastewater treatment plant with the installation of an EZstrip TR Muncher. The Mono Muncher has dramatically reduced the number of pipeline blockages occurring at the Karanlage Jagersfreude plant--the largest facility of its kind in the Saarbrucken area - and so helped minimise both downtime and maintenance costs.
BAKER Hughes recently introduced Metal Muncher AMT (advanced milling technology) cutters to achieve greater efficiency and longer runs with cutting and milling systems used for casing exits and wellbore intervention.
iMunchie added that on registration, each muncher can create a personal profile, send messages and"friend" fellow munchers, as well as blog and share with other popular social networking communities.
Carson City, Nev.-based green technology company Ecologico-Logic, Inc., has unveiled a prototype of "The Muncher," a state-of-the-art waste reduction system for converting solid waste into compost--in less than an hour.