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 (mŭn-dān′, mŭn′dān′)
1. Of, relating to, or typical of this world; secular.
2. Relating to, characteristic of, or concerned with commonplaces; ordinary.

[Middle English mondeine, from Old French mondain, from Latin mundānus, from mundus, world.]

mun·dane′ly adv.
mun·dane′ness, mun·dan′i·ty (-dăn′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adv.1.mundanely - in a worldly manner; "terrestrially changeable"
2.mundanely - in a mundane manner; "the young man spoke so mundanely of university life"
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advweltlich; (= in a down-to-earth way) remark, describenüchtern; mundanely obviousallzu offensichtlich
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While speaking to ANI, Krishav's father said: "Krishav used to go to a nearby mall with us mundanely. There was a Star Karate Club in the mall, Krishav always used to notice that Karate club and since then he started insisting on learning Karate."
His Scar was campy and cheeky, whereas the new Scar (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is more mundanely terrifying.
In contrast, our present state reflects expediency and mismanagement in just everything from how we collect and spend our taxes, dispense justice, manage our public enterprises, regulate our markets, strive for competitiveness, or even more mundanely, educate our children, dispose of our garbage and protect the vulnerable.
But Descartes's interests are not mundanely practical.
Those hips, narrow and broad at the same time, those legs that I never knew how to describe except, mundanely, as slim and long.
More mundanely, under this precept, one would be allowed to no longer invite an offending relative to all your parties, even though you may choose to still keep in touch in other ways.
This discursively monumental debut collection asserts unwavering pressure on the idea of "Australia"; from within colonially bounded domains, where "One Nation voters eat [] lamb on Australia Day," activist and poet Alison Whittaker asks that her readers look beyond mundanely whitewashed scenes, the 179 pages of Blakwork fed up with mindless gluttonies, racist hegemonies, and infrastructural violences.
Summary: Even Google's fiercest critics use its technologies to research their fiery tirades against it or, more mundanely, to find their way around a foreign city.
He was just a humble weaver employed mundanely in a textile warehouse in Victorian Paisley.
Non-punctual trauma, on the other hand, refers to forms of experience "that are more mundanely catastrophic [.
Or, to put it more mathematically and mundanely, averaging cancels error." Social media is a platform to harness the views of a large crowd.
The light projected on Utterson's face transforms it into a beacon of humanity, but this is not sufficient; the discourse of the silent symbol needs to be supplemented with "the acts of life." We eventually have to withdraw from the making of silent symbols at the after-dinner table and settle for the mere rugged countenance that we see mundanely and regularly.