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1. A garment consisting of a rectangular cloth that is wrapped around the waist, worn by men chiefly in Kerala, India.
2. A sari-like garment in which the lower and upper portions are made from separate pieces of cloth, worn by women chiefly in Kerala, India.

[Malayalam muṇṭu; akin to Tamil muṇṭu, short cloth.]
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Goals for Hockey Jharkhand came think and fast which were scored by Abhishek Mundu (34', 59', 60'), Birsa Oreya (22', 37'), Abhishek Guria (43', 68'), Ashim (41', 65'), David Dhanwar (8', 47'), Flavius Tirkey (21'), Amos Tirkey (61') and Amit Baa (64').
In the images that have been doing the rounds on social media, Bhavana was dressed in a golden Kanjeevaram sari and decked in traditional red temple jewellery, while the groom was dressed in cream mundu (dhoti).
One traditional approach considers that it could limit innovation and opportunities because its function is to ensure that plans are achieved (Henri, 2006; Jack & Mundu, 2013; Mundy, 2010; Simons, 1995).
The women are also partially responsible for the care of the disabled matriarch, their widowed mother-in-law, whose care they share with a male domestic servant, Mundu.
That is, until idealistic botanist and power company scout Luis Moraes sees Mundu effortlessly launch himself across a wide stream.
This context took shape early on in Yeats's poetry and prose, inspired by the poet's interest in occult notions of beauty and eternity, as well as his "belief in cyclical recurrence and the Anima Mundu (24) This belief lies at the center of Yeats's creative energy, as his prose repeatedly affirms (consider, for example, A Vision), and impels much of the generation and regeneration of the images and symbols that pervade his poetry.
7) According to Grace Bahalen Mundu et al educated women have higher chances of divorce than the Illiterate ones.
Several men wore an traditional Indian dress -- white kurtu or mundu -- while women had on a variation of the tricolour, either orange saris or green salwars, some going as far as orange-green-white nailpolish, and even matching bangles.
Take the Christian dress for women - chatta, a loose blouse, mundu or dhoti and neryathu, a cloth to cover head, chest and the posterior.
Films such as "Tadakha", "Saahasam", "Romance", "Anthaku Mundu Aa Tharvatha" and "Potugadu" have done average or above-average business, (http://andhraboxoffice.
Managing director Nhial Bol Aken said a security agent had come to the office at about 10:00am and taken station manager Cosmas Mundu to its headquarters west of Juba.
Kezorongo ra katambi / ewa rozomenj pona / pazo mundu Ketuu Hembe / vivari vitatu meviese pehi mbiyende koKangwati / kongombe ya Uhongora ondindc tjatinda zondjeo / imba pozondu mbari ondjiri Tjizu naTjiuenena / imba meisana Job Uariumwe Erema / O Bullet ondjingairiyo yovazandu novakazona / puyarara opuiso ndana / indji yehi ra Kaoko ohanga mondjembo / posiya oyehi raKaoko omundu owami ngwi meriri.