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1. A garment consisting of a rectangular cloth that is wrapped around the waist, worn by men chiefly in Kerala, India.
2. A sari-like garment in which the lower and upper portions are made from separate pieces of cloth, worn by women chiefly in Kerala, India.

[Malayalam muṇṭu; akin to Tamil muṇṭu, short cloth.]
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Typical garments include the traditional Kerala saree, or the Kasavu saree for women, and men wear the traditional mundu .
Modi was clad in a white 'mundu' and cream half-sleeved shirt on his arrival at Thrissur, in sync with leaders belonging to the state who received him.
Reporting by Lucy Mkanyika, Donna Atola, Caroline Mundu, Shaban Makokha, George Odiwuor and Benson Ayienda
In Mohanlal's highly-stylised political thriller and melodrama 'Lucifer', there's a sea of men wearing crisp white shirts and white mundu (Kerala's traditional garb), but their warped actions are in direct contrast to their pristine wardrobe choice.
In 1972, he produced his first song Mundu Ececere and Ndanuko ciamitahato in his own label.
SPLA-IO deputy spokesperson Lam Paul Gabriel said in a statement released on Monday that fighting is taking place in Mundu where the SPLA forces stormed their fighters on Monday.
The women wear the traditional 'Kerala saree'and the men prefer the 'dhothi'(mundu) on this day.
Synopsis: Mundu, an indigenous teenager from the Brazilian rainforest, is the best long jumper in the world--only no one knows it.
Films such as "Tadakha", "Saahasam", "Romance", "Anthaku Mundu Aa Tharvatha" and "Potugadu" have done average or above-average business, ( according to Andhraboxoffice.
Mundu TV, a live internet television service, was integrated with the Omnesys trading platform 'Nest Plus' to provide stock and communities traders India's top 5 business TV channels as part of the trading terminal application.
The spokesman of the PPM, Mohamed Husain Sharif Mundu has secured the portfolio of Minister for Youth Affairs.
Indeed, a saree is a visiting card and a history lesson rolled into one!" The 'models' were led by Deepa Chandran, from the state of Kerala, who draped her classic cream and gold 'set mundu' in a conventional style.