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Noun1.municipal government - the government of a municipalitymunicipal government - the government of a municipality  
local government - the government of a local area
commission plan - a municipal government that combines legislative and executive authority in the members of a commission
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It was noted, in following years, that several leaders of workmen built themselves houses and blocks of renting flats and took trips to the old countries, while, more immediately, other leaders and "dark horses" came to political preferment and the control of the municipal government and the municipal moneys.
But that merely means they chose to join, in which case McKenzie views them as small-minded, selfish, illiberal, greedy dropouts from the great duty of life - namely, to make municipal government work and to straggle bravely toward economic justice for all instead of feathering their own nest.
Administrators of small municipal governments experiencing financial difficulties similar to those of Sussex Borough saw the experiment as an opportunity to save considerable sums of money without denying citizens a needed service.
11 will affect three major operating statement items for this municipal government: taxes and related penalties and interest, sales taxes and compensated absences.
The company said that in August of the same year, it advised Sanchez that it only received P4.94 million from the municipal government as payment for the contract.
'Very Strong' Status, Ownership and Control: Sfund remains ultimately fully owned by the Guangzhou municipal government, which exercises tight control over Sfund's government-directed investment activities.
At the time of the iPad purchases, the municipal government had a cash overdraft, or a negative bank balance, since June 30, 2012.
'I respect the decision of the municipal government of Monkayo, led by Mayor Ramil L.
Chinese semiconductor foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) (NYSE:SMI) (SEHK:0981.HK) announced on Tuesday that its subsidiary SMIC Beijing has entered in a cooperation framework agreement with the Beijing municipal government, to establish a joint venture for the construction of SMIC Beijing's Second Phase Expansion Project.
According to the company, the e-government network, based on Alcatel-Lucent's optical multi-service solution, will link the units of the Beijing municipal government and enable the introduction of new applications such as video conferencing.
Some 40 minutes after the quake, the municipal government received notice confirming the power plant was safe, he said.

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