municipal government

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Noun1.municipal government - the government of a municipalitymunicipal government - the government of a municipality  
local government - the government of a local area
commission plan - a municipal government that combines legislative and executive authority in the members of a commission
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It was noted, in following years, that several leaders of workmen built themselves houses and blocks of renting flats and took trips to the old countries, while, more immediately, other leaders and "dark horses" came to political preferment and the control of the municipal government and the municipal moneys.
The new Municipal Government Act is a modern approach to local governance, Communities, Land and Environment Minister Robert Mitchell said.
Earlier, Diestro-Aquino and several municipal government officials of Real, including members of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) led by her father, ex-Mayor and now Vice Mayor and SB presiding officer Joel Amando Diestro, attended a joint SP committee hearing led by board member Ferdinand Talabong, which resulted to the approval of the first ever huge bank loan of the town.
Municipal government is also called "local government" because it is the government closest to people and their daily lives.
Liu Mingjun, Deputy Mayor of Qingdao Municipal Government led a business delegation comprising business in ports, infrastructure, mechanical processing and environmental protection companies to Pakistan.
KEYW Holding Corporation (KEYW) subsidiary Hexis Cyber Solutions said that HawkEye G has been selected by a top ten US municipal government for advanced threat detection and automated malware removal.
The board includes members from across the province, reflecting the diversity of Ontario's municipal governments, said AMO president Russ Powers in an Aug.
In Thursday's ruling, the district court said the prefectural government must review the municipal government decision in line with the woman's request, and decide whether she should be given benefits.
In a statement the company said, 'The Carlyle Asia Partners RMB Fund will be entitled to preferential treatment from the Beijing Municipal Government, in accordance with its development policies for the city's finance and equity investment industry.
Rural Affair Committee will be the policyholder on behalf of the municipal government, while three direct underwriters--Beijing branches of PICC Property and Casualty Co.
The new edition substantially reorganizes and streamlines the text to provide the background on historical, institutional and legislative frameworks of municipal government and also adds rich material on the broader issues of governance and democratic values.

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