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a. Of, relating to, or typical of a municipality.
b. Having local self-government.
c. Issued on the authority of a local or state government.
2. Of or relating to the internal affairs of a nation.
A municipal bond: invested in tax-free municipals.

[Latin mūnicipālis, from mūnicipium, town, from mūniceps, citizen : mūnus, public office, duty; see mei- in Indo-European roots + capere, to take; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]

mu·nic′i·pal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.municipally - by municipality; "municipally funded"
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á vegum sveitar/borgar
belediye kanalıylabelediyece


advvon der Stadt or Gemeinde; municipally ownedim Besitz der Stadt or Gemeinde
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(mjuˈnisipəl) adjective
of, or controlled or owned by, the government of a city or town. the municipal buildings.
muˈnicipally adverb
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Cain is manager of the only municipally operated fish hatchery in Ontario.
Terrapure has been working with Vale since 2012 on a program to apply municipally treated bio-solids to reclaim and vegetate the mining company's Central Tailings area.
Thus, following the previous success of municipally sponsored HPV vaccination for girls before the advent of the national HPV immunization program, some school medicine specialists decided to apply for municipal funds to cover the costs of vaccinating boys.
is the fifth largest municipally owned electric utility in Ontario.