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a. Of, relating to, or typical of a municipality.
b. Having local self-government.
c. Issued on the authority of a local or state government.
2. Of or relating to the internal affairs of a nation.
A municipal bond: invested in tax-free municipals.

[Latin mūnicipālis, from mūnicipium, town, from mūniceps, citizen : mūnus, public office, duty; see mei- in Indo-European roots + capere, to take; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]

mu·nic′i·pal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.municipally - by municipality; "municipally funded"
á vegum sveitar/borgar
belediye kanalıylabelediyece


advvon der Stadt or Gemeinde; municipally ownedim Besitz der Stadt or Gemeinde


(mjuˈnisipəl) adjective
of, or controlled or owned by, the government of a city or town. the municipal buildings.
muˈnicipally adverb
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The assignment includes on behalf of the Municipality of Lycksele and subsidiaries - Empty the individual and joint sewage plants in Lycksele municipality~s geographical area,- Emptying and / or flush municipally owned sewage plants and grids,- Rinse and inspect, and where necessary, renovate pipes and drainage systems in buildings,- Empty rnnstensbrunnar in municipally owned dagvattennt,- Drain the oil and grease separators, and seize and destroy oil residues,- Perform other related services for avrop.
A couple of cities in Arkansas took Internet matters into their own hands several years ago and now have municipally owned broadband systems.
The project also includes the construction of Cranford's first municipally owned parking garage and the upgrading and improvement of major downtown thoroughfares.
PGP was formed by seven municipally owned gas and electric utilities in five states in order to secure economical long-term wholesale natural gas supplies for its members.
Street corners in Copenhagen are magnets for parked bicycles, and some of them are municipally owned under the innovative City Bike Scheme.
According to the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT), as of March 2001, only four of the 10 municipally operated subway lines in Japan finished in the black.
The company is owned 50-50 by two municipally owned utilities: Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota (ETB), Bogota's phone company, and Empresas Publicas de Medellin (RPM), Medellin's utility provider.
House Bill 149 includes the usual provisions that prohibit a locality from granting a municipally owned network franchise terms more favorable than those awarded a private operator, or from using its regulatory authority to gain a competitive edge over a cable incumbent.
In 1966, as assistant health officer in Scarborough, Toronto, she helped launch the first municipally funded "family planning" clinic (i.
Today, those masses attracted to the only municipally owned, commercial station in the country are not just listeners, but advertisers, too.
Pierson's photos are spare: casino carpets and purple-flowering succulent groundcovers, municipally standardized cinderblock walls and a forlorn and forgotten imitation-Mies stool, milk trucks and Ralph's-grocery-store 18-wheelers on Interstate 15.