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1. Very liberal in giving; generous: a munificent benefactor.
2. Showing great generosity: a munificent gift. See Synonyms at liberal.

[Latin mūnificēns, mūnificent-, from mūnificus : mūnus, gift; see mei- in Indo-European roots + facere, to make; see fact.]

mu·nif′i·cence n.
mu·nif′i·cent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.munificently - in a generous manner; "he gave liberally to several charities"


adv (form)großzügig, generös (geh); munificently donated by …großzügigerweise gespendet von …
References in classic literature ?
exclaimed Mordaunt, "thank you; my life is always at your service, and should I lose it I should still owe you something; thank you; you have indeed repaid me munificently for my services.
Through the open window, by which Anne sat, blew the sweet, scented, sun-warm air of the August afternoon; outside, poplar boughs rustled and tossed in the wind; beyond them were the woods, where Lover's Lane wound its enchanted path, and the old apple orchard which still bore its rosy harvests munificently.
He pictured to himself the anxious projector of the enterprise, who had disbursed so munificently in its outfit, calculating on the zeal, fidelity, and singleness of purpose of his associates and agents; while they, on the other hand, having a good ship at their disposal and a deep pocket at home to bear them out, seemed ready to loiter on every coast, and amuse themselves in every port.
I cannot but think, with a view to the principle and its tendency to elevate or depress the character of the industrious classes, that a Public Charity is immeasurably better than a Private Foundation, no matter how munificently the latter may be endowed.
I particularly wish, and intend, to act munificently, Mr Clennam.
Firstly, a giant wave of dark money poured into Trump's own campaign - one that towered over anything in 2016 or even Mitt Romney's munificently financed 2012 effort .
Deployed munificently are commentaries from contemporaries, colleagues, writers and film critics.
15 (1942-44, orchestration finished 1946) for large orchestra is a munificently laid out work of about 45 minutes in duration and a sweeping pathos-laden gesture of Romantic temperament, which was necessitated by the unsettled times in which it was written.
Alongside goal 17's uncritical embrace of public-private partnerships (PPPs) and the WHO's 2016 controversial adoption of a Framework for Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA), critiqued as opening the doors to corporate lobbying, financing and influence, the allure of 'multi-stakeholder governance' rests on the same premise of the SDGs' core contradiction: That the forces of wealth, power and privilege will munificently act for the betterment of all.
While trade practices and methodologies of manufacture are munificently presented, a greater probe into the design ethos of various individual crafts groups, designers, export houses and companies would have allowed for an understanding of the evolution of print patterns and designs.
A reasonable supporting mark was done with the munificently financial contribution of International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD-Pakistan), Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), Centre of Research and Development (CRDO), Pakistan Water Partnership (PWP) and Pakistan Youth Parliament for Water (PYPW).
16-acre property that listing details rather munificently called a "mini-estate.