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n. often munitions
War materiel, especially weapons and ammunition.
tr.v. mu·ni·tioned, mu·ni·tion·ing, mu·ni·tions
To supply with munitions.

[Middle English municion, privilege supported by a document, from Old French, fortification, from Latin mūnītiō, mūnītiōn-, from mūnītus, past participle of mūnīre, to defend, from moenia, defensive walls of a town.]
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(Military) (tr) to supply with munitions
[C16: via French from Latin mūnītiō fortification, from mūnīre to fortify. See ammunition]
muˈnitioner n
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(myuˈnɪʃ ən)

1. Usu., munitions. materials used in war, esp. weapons and ammunition.
2. to provide with munitions.
[1525–35; < Medieval Latin mūnītiō provisioning, Latin: fortifying, fortification =mūnī(re) to fortify, defend (derivative of moenia defensive walls) + -tiō -tion]
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A complete device charged with explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, initiating composition, or nuclear, biological, or chemical material for use in military operations, including demolitions. Certain suitably modified munitions can be used for training, ceremonial, or nonoperational purposes. Also called ammunition. (Note: In common usage, "munitions" [plural] can be military weapons, ammunition, and equipment.) See also explosive ordnance.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.


Past participle: munitioned
Gerund: munitioning

I munition
you munition
he/she/it munitions
we munition
you munition
they munition
I munitioned
you munitioned
he/she/it munitioned
we munitioned
you munitioned
they munitioned
Present Continuous
I am munitioning
you are munitioning
he/she/it is munitioning
we are munitioning
you are munitioning
they are munitioning
Present Perfect
I have munitioned
you have munitioned
he/she/it has munitioned
we have munitioned
you have munitioned
they have munitioned
Past Continuous
I was munitioning
you were munitioning
he/she/it was munitioning
we were munitioning
you were munitioning
they were munitioning
Past Perfect
I had munitioned
you had munitioned
he/she/it had munitioned
we had munitioned
you had munitioned
they had munitioned
I will munition
you will munition
he/she/it will munition
we will munition
you will munition
they will munition
Future Perfect
I will have munitioned
you will have munitioned
he/she/it will have munitioned
we will have munitioned
you will have munitioned
they will have munitioned
Future Continuous
I will be munitioning
you will be munitioning
he/she/it will be munitioning
we will be munitioning
you will be munitioning
they will be munitioning
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been munitioning
you have been munitioning
he/she/it has been munitioning
we have been munitioning
you have been munitioning
they have been munitioning
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been munitioning
you will have been munitioning
he/she/it will have been munitioning
we will have been munitioning
you will have been munitioning
they will have been munitioning
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been munitioning
you had been munitioning
he/she/it had been munitioning
we had been munitioning
you had been munitioning
they had been munitioning
I would munition
you would munition
he/she/it would munition
we would munition
you would munition
they would munition
Past Conditional
I would have munitioned
you would have munitioned
he/she/it would have munitioned
we would have munitioned
you would have munitioned
they would have munitioned
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Noun1.munition - weapons considered collectivelymunition - weapons considered collectively  
ammo, ammunition - projectiles to be fired from a gun
armament - weaponry used by military or naval force
bomb - an explosive device fused to explode under specific conditions
defence system, defense system - the weaponry available for the defense of a region
gunnery - guns collectively
hardware - major items of military weaponry (as tanks or missile)
instrumentation, instrumentality - an artifact (or system of artifacts) that is instrumental in accomplishing some end
naval weaponry - weaponry for warships
weapon, weapon system, arm - any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting; "he was licensed to carry a weapon"
2.munition - military suppliesmunition - military supplies      
armament - weaponry used by military or naval force
3.munition - defensive structure consisting of walls or mounds built around a stronghold to strengthen itmunition - defensive structure consisting of walls or mounds built around a stronghold to strengthen it
bastion - projecting part of a rampart or other fortification
bunker, dugout - a fortification of earth; mostly or entirely below ground
castle - a large building formerly occupied by a ruler and fortified against attack
defensive structure, defence, defense - a structure used to defend against attack; "the artillery battered down the defenses"
defilade - the arrangement of defensive fortifications to protect against enemy fire
entrenchment, intrenchment - an entrenched fortification; a position protected by trenches
escarp, protective embankment, scarp, escarpment - a steep artificial slope in front of a fortification
fieldwork - a temporary fortification built by troops in the field
lunette - temporary fortification like a detached bastion
palisade - fortification consisting of a strong fence made of stakes driven into the ground
breastwork, parapet - fortification consisting of a low wall
bulwark, rampart, wall - an embankment built around a space for defensive purposes; "they stormed the ramparts of the city"; "they blew the trumpet and the walls came tumbling down"
redoubt - (military) a temporary or supplementary fortification; typically square or polygonal without flanking defenses
stockade - fortification consisting of a fence made of a line of stout posts set firmly for defense
Verb1.munition - supply with weapons
arm - supply with arms; "The U.S. armed the freedom fighters in Afghanistan"
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n usu plKriegsmaterial nt no pl, → Waffen plund Munition f
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The man was wearing a bluish coat of broadcloth, he had no knapsack or cap, his head was bandaged, and over his shoulder a French munition pouch was slung.
At length the Goletta fell, and the fort fell, before which places there were seventy-five thousand regular Turkish soldiers, and more than four hundred thousand Moors and Arabs from all parts of Africa, and in the train of all this great host such munitions and engines of war, and so many pioneers that with their hands they might have covered the Goletta and the fort with handfuls of earth.
There seemed to be a great ruck of men and munitions spread about in the forest and in the fields.
They know exactly what munitions are reaching our shores from abroad, they know how we are paying for them, they know exactly our financial condition, they know all about our new guns, they know just how many men we could send over to France to-morrow and how many we could get through in three months' time.
Those who hold this belief say that herein lies the explanation that Dilsberg, besieged by Tilly and many a soldier before him, was never taken: after the longest and closest sieges the besiegers were astonished to perceive that the besieged were as fat and hearty as ever, and were well furnished with munitions of war--therefore it must be that the Dilsbergers had been bringing these things in through the subterranean passage all the time.
Fouquet wishes to fortify Belle-Isle; but, at all events, here are some spiritual munitions for the castle." Then, enchanted with his rich discovery he ran upstairs again, and resumed his place at the table.
The company was to fit them out, and keep them supplied with the requisite equipments and munitions, and they were to yield one half of the produce of their hunting and trapping.
The sea, loaded with phosphoric light, opened beneath the hulls of the barks that transported the baggage and munitions; every dip of the prow plowed up this gulf of white flames; from every oar dropped liquid diamonds.
There were large bodies of cavalry and infantry, endless streams of artillery wagons and guns, and countless horse-drawn covered vehicles laden with camp equipage, munitions, and provisions.
Many of our houses, both public and private, with their almost innumerable apartments, their huge halls and their cellars for the storage of wines and other munitions of peace, appear to be extravagantly large for their inhabitants.
Since capacity does not equal current demand, there are sub-component trade-offs between weapons systems for a given munition's maximum production rate (MPR).