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1. A strip of wood or metal separating and holding panes of glass in a window.
2. A vertical framing member set between two rails in a door or in paneling.

[Middle English mountaunt, upright post or stud, from Old French montant, from present participle of monter, to mount; see mount1.]


(Building) another name (esp US) for glazing-bar
[C17: variant of C15 mountant, from Old French montant, present participle of monter to mount1]


(ˈmʌn tn)

a bar for holding the edges of window panes within a sash.
[1300–50; earlier mountan, montan, Middle English mountaun, mountain < Middle French montant, n. use of present participle of monter to mount1]
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Though the rooms are small, the floor-to-ceiling muntined windows overlook the city and stave off any intimations of a claustrophobic ship's cabin.
An elegant arched clerestory, placed in the peak of the cathedral ceiling, complements three sets of muntined and transom-topped doors across the rear wall.
The judges applauded the creativity of using muntined glass inside the home, and noted these practical aspects, too: