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1. A strip of wood or metal separating and holding panes of glass in a window.
2. A vertical framing member set between two rails in a door or in paneling.

[Middle English mountaunt, upright post or stud, from Old French montant, from present participle of monter, to mount; see mount1.]


(Building) another name (esp US) for glazing-bar
[C17: variant of C15 mountant, from Old French montant, present participle of monter to mount1]


(ˈmʌn tn)

a bar for holding the edges of window panes within a sash.
[1300–50; earlier mountan, montan, Middle English mountaun, mountain < Middle French montant, n. use of present participle of monter to mount1]
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The painter primed all the windows (which were in place in the house) and then scratched the interior glass while sanding the window sashes and non-removable muntins.
If the door has them, paint the muntins first, using long, sweeping motions, then start 'laying off ' the paint using one long, continuous stroke back into the paint you've put on the door.
Paint the muntins first, using long, sweeping motions, then start 'laying off' the paint using one long, continuous stroke back into the paint you've put on the door.
Touches like doors with wrought-iron strap hinges and windows with muntins also hint at Schafer's predilection for the past, while adding to the imaginary sense of a house that has grown and changed over time.
Most evident in the interior appointments, circles and squares are broadcast through wallcoverings, light fixtures, tile patterns, and window muntins.
Tenders are invited for Work consists of removing the existing loose and deteriorating glazing putty at all vertical wood muntins on the roof of the west wing of the conservatory, and installing a new silicone system.
Yet they make a pleasing historic statement too: the muntins now divide each window into four, rather than six panes, following a 1652 elevation drawing of the facade by Dutch architect Pieter Post (1608-69).
In older windows, large panes of glasswere expensive, so muntins helped smaller panes to fill a larger space.
The two wooden muntins (one vertical and the other horizontal) holding the glass panes of the window in place also happen to resemble the shape of a cross, foreshadowing the notion that in some fashion Giovanna will play the role of a martyr, while also serving as a visual reminder of the link between Christianity and a patriarchal value system.
Bannisters, mullions, muntins, french doors, glass knobs, telephone niches, carved mantles, fireplace grates, chandeliers, porthole windows and working shutters, all original to the house.
The thickness of the muntins depends on the panel material you choose.