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Noun1.muramidase - an enzyme found in saliva and sweat and tears that destroys the cell walls of certain bacteria
enzyme - any of several complex proteins that are produced by cells and act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions
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Among the flagella class-II structural proteins, ORFs for L-ring protein FlgH (RWLH05339), P-ring protein FlgI (RWLH04317, RWLH05340), flagellum-specific muramidase FlgJ (RWLH04318, RWLH05341), flagellar protein FliO (RWLH00722), flagellar basal body-associated protein FliL (RWLH00719), flagellar FliJ protein (RWLH00717), flagellum-specific ATP synthase (RWLH00716, RWLH04297) and assembly protein Flk (RWLH01371) were identified.
Serum muramidase level (indicates ineffective myelopoesis)
The responses of receptors to muramidase were classified as mild moderate and strong.