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1. Capable of, guilty of, or intending murder: a group of murderous thugs.
2. Characteristic of or giving rise to murder or bloodshed: murderous mistrust.
3. Informal Capable of devastating or overwhelming: a murderous exam.

mur′der·ous·ly adv.
mur′der·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.murderously - as if bent on murder; "the huge dog bore down on them with bared fangs and barking murderously"
2.murderously - in a murderous frenzymurderously - in a murderous frenzy; "rioters running amuck and throwing sticks and bottles and stones"
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بِصورَةٍ قاتِلَه
gyilkos módon
öldürecek gibi


[ˈmɜːdərəslɪ] ADV
1. [glare] → de manera asesina
2. (= terribly) → terriblemente
the bags were murderously heavylas bolsas pesaban terriblemente or de forma matadora
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advmordgierig, blutdürstig; (fig)mörderisch; a murderously cunning trapeine teuflische Falle
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(ˈməːdə) noun
1. (an act of) killing a person on purpose and illegally. The police are treating his death as a case of murder; an increase in the number of murders.
2. any killing or causing of death that is considered as bad as this. the murder of innocent people by terrorists.
to kill (a person) on purpose and illegally. He murdered two children.
ˈmurdererfeminine ˈmurderess noun
Murderers are no longer hanged in Britain.
ˈmurderous adjective
intending, or capable of, murder. There was a murderous look in his eye.
ˈmurderously adverb
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References in classic literature ?
"How'll he know which was which?" Kelly asked, and as he went on he looked murderously about him--"unless one of us peaches."
Every day he hanged a man, impaled one, cut off the ears of another; and all with so little provocation, or so entirely without any, that the Turks acknowledged he did it merely for the sake of doing it, and because he was by nature murderously disposed towards the whole human race.
Now that his two sons perished in one day, Brother by brother murderously slain, By right of kinship to the Princes dead, I claim and hold the throne and sovereignty.
The temple was gone, and the idols were gone--and in their place the figures of dark, dwarfish men lurked murderously among the trees, with bows in their hands, and arrows fitted to the string.
UNFORTUNATE In short, then, never rush murderously or otherwise thoughtlessly against any human being even if he or she has behaved in a manner that actively offends your sense of good social order.
Ann will be joined by her fellow Murder Squad members, six crime writers from the north, for a weekend of murderously good fun with workshops and talks aimed at fans of their work, amateur authors and sleuths alike.
When Delilah stumbles on an artifact that may be a clue about the location of the legendary third pillar of Hercules, she and her friend Selim are drawn back to Europe on an Indiana Jones-style archaeological caper that pits her against a ruthless enemy who is murderously intent on preventing Delilah from speaking out against him.
Only one man knows what the mysterious precious cargo really is, and after being kept in the dark for so long, the men and women around him are growing murderously curious ...
That instinct is tested when her life is upended by the sudden appearance of her father, Sam, who she thought was long dead, but instead had been in prison for his part in an armored truck robbery gone murderously wrong.
The story has the high concept premise of a group of young women, led by the murderously vindictive Abigail Williams (Eleanor Sutton relishing the challenge of playing someone so despicable), realising they can deflect potential accusations of witchcraft as a result of their wicked woodland frolics by pointing the finger of suspicion at others in their God-fearing community - especially those they may have a personal grudge against.
Before I was born, my college-educated, fairly Westernised parents decided they weren't going to teach me about clans because that knowledge, in recent history, has been employed so murderously, especially in the rise of the Shabaab militants.
Boda boda riders throughout Kenya have become lawless and murderously angry.