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n. pl. mu·ri·ces (myo͝or′ĭ-sēz′) or mu·rex·es
Any of various predatory marine gastropods of the family Muricidae, having rough spiny shells and including several species formerly used to produce the dye Tyrian purple.

[New Latin mūrex, from Latin, gastropod producing Tyrian purple, probably of pre-Roman Mediterranean origin.]


n, pl murices (ˈmjʊərɪˌsiːz)
(Animals) any of various spiny-shelled marine gastropods of the genus Murex and related genera: formerly used as a source of the dye Tyrian purple
[C16: from Latin mūrex purple fish; related to Greek muax sea mussel]


(ˈmyʊər ɛks)

n., pl. mu•ri•ces (ˈmyʊər əˌsiz) mu•rex•es.
any marine gastropod of the genus Murex, common in tropical seas, certain species of which yield a royal purple dye valued by the ancients.
[1580–90; < New Latin, Latin mūrex the shellfish that yielded Tyrian purple dye]


[ˈmjʊərɛks] nmurice m