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n. muriático, derivado de sal común; ácido muriático.
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acid, battery acid, sulfuric acid, vinegar, muriatic acid) Radioactive materials (medical or commercial use) Toxic and infectious material (e.g.
City engineer Armand Andres said it took two days of heavy flushing, plenty of soap, bleaching products and muriatic acid to deal with human feces and urine that have been embedded at the Bonifacio Shrine.
Pool chemicals inactivate pathogens (e.g., chlorine or bromine), optimize pH (e.g., muriatic acid), and increase water clarity, which helps prevent drowning by enabling detection of distressed swimmers underwater.
Muriatic (hydrochloric) acid is added to maintain pH at 7.2-7.8, taking into account disinfectant efficacy, swimmers, and equipment.
A concrete and cement dissolver is an excellent alternative source for harmful acids, such as muriatic acid, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid.
Recovered from the crime scene were a kitchen knife around 12 inches long, a suicide note from Cruz, and a bottle of muriatic acid.
He listed the symptoms of Lassa fever to include; abdominal pains, diarrhoea and vomiting with blood stains while muriatic rashes in the body which occurs at the advanced stage of the disease.
What can I use other than Benzene, kerosene and muriatic acid as the internet suggested?
Caption: Willow Creek demonstrates durability of Infusion-treated product (left) against a plain control specimen, subjecting each to a five-minute muriatic acid bath, rinse, wire brush and rinse cycle.
Boasting zero fume emission, Fila products are an eco-friendly alternative to products manufactured using muriatic acid.
It manufactured everything from chlorine ammonia, calcium chloride and muriatic acid to sodium hydroxide and bleach for everything from paper making to ship building.