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n. pl. muriqui or mur·i·quis
Either of two species of large arboreal leaf-eating monkeys (Brachyteles arachnoides or B. hypoxanthus) found only in Brazil, having a long prehensile tail and thick fleecy fur. Also called woolly spider monkey.

[Portuguese buriqui, muriqui, from Tupí mbïrï′ki.]
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This is in direct contrast with the northern muriqui, which are possibly one of the most peaceful primates living in the world.
"I am proud to finish as the ACL top scorer and I hope to continue giving my best for Al Sadd in the upcoming competitions as well." The forward matched the all-time single tournament record held by Muriqui who netted the same tally by the conclusion of Guangzhou Evergrande's 2013 campaign.
The Al Sadd forward matched the all-time single tournament record held by Muriqui who netted the same tally by the conclusion of Guangzhou Evergrande's 2013 campaign.
The reserve's major environmental projects include a trained and equipped wildfire brigade, anti-hunting and logging patrols, the education of the local community, and the reintroduction and reinforcement of native species--the region was once home to puma, maned wolf and ocelot--including the protection of the muriqui.
Brazilian trio Alan, Ricardo Goulart and Muriqui will likely lead their charge.
Ayant transmis une demande en ce sens, la direction de l'Etoile du Sahel compte beneficier a nouveau des services de son buteur algerien qui pourrait etre prete par Al-Sadd tandis que le Bresilien Muriqui a plus de chances d'etre retenu dans l'effectif, precise la meme source.
Doha: Qatar's Al Sadd were among a trio of former champions to make the last 16 of the Asian Champions League on Tuesday after a fine strike by Brazilian forward Muriqui gave them a 1-0 win over Iran's Foolad Kozuestan in Doha.
Chinese Super champions Guangzhou were at their dominant best at Osaka Nagai Stadium on Tuesday as two goals each from Brazilian duo Elkeson and Muriqui put Marcello Lippi's side in command.
The Australian side had several chances to extend their lead in the first half, but Guangzhou came alive after the break and goalkeeper Nathan Coe saved from both Muriqui and Feng Renliang in the game's final quarter.
Al-Ahly dominated in terms of possession; however, it was quality that counted when Guangzhou's Brazilian player Muriqui took advantage of Al-Ahly's defensive vulnerabilities passing goalkeeper Sherif Ekramy and taking a shot, only to be blocked by Ahmed Fathi at the goal line.
Guangzhou looked to have responded well to coach Marcello Lippi's half-time instructions when Brazilian forward Muriqui broke on a counter-attack only to hit the side-netting early in the second half.
The nonhuman primate data were based on long-term observations of 700 adult females, including capuchins in Costa Rica, muriqui monkeys in Brazil, baboons and blue monkeys in Kenya, chimpanzees in Tanzania, gorillas in Rwanda and sifakas in Madagascar.