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adj. murk·i·er, murk·i·est
1. Dark or dim, as from mist: a murky sky. See Synonyms at dark.
2. Darkened, clouded, or blurry: murky waters; murky images.
3. Not clearly known, understood, or expressed: a murky future; the murky world of spies; murky writing.

murk′i·ly adv.
murk′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.murkily - unclearly; opaquely; "murkily expressed ideas"
2.murkily - with a dim light; "a dimly lit room"
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advtrübe; the wreck could be seen murkily through the muddy waterdas Wrack zeichnete sich undeutlich im schlammigen Wasser ab
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A blur of soot and smoke, now confusedly tending this way, now that way, now aspiring to the vault of Heaven, now murkily creeping along the earth, as the wind rose and fell, or changed its quarter: a dense formless jumble, with sheets of cross light in it, that showed nothing but masses of darkness:- Coketown in the distance was suggestive of itself, though not a brick of it could be seen.
A manual typewriter sits atop an old wooden desk in this long-abandoned space murkily lit by lighting designer Matt Daw, whose faint candlelight
This nonsense version of the classic ends murkily with Siegfried and Odette disappearing inside four pieces of dark blue gauze.
For example, as might be expected from one who refuses to admit that what he is proposing and advocating is a constitutional convention, Meckler was less than honest about the purpose of the murkily funded mock convention.
This led to the ignominious spectacle in 2003 of private lenders ousting direct lending at Michigan State University at a cost to taxpayers of $23.5 million, including $2 million pledged to the institution "from a special federal subsidy guarantee the federal government gave to lenders." As always, ideological zeal and graft mingle murkily; from 1997 to 2003, "mega-lender" Sallie Mae ranked third among credit industry lobbyists on Capitol Hill.
Former 'Game of Thrones' actor Rheon initially makes Maximus interesting, but he's given material that ultimately dulls the murkily motivated character, which immediately becomes drab and tiresome.
Particular controversy has focused on her use of the Presidential Protection Service, a murkily budgeted unit intended for Jacob Zuma.
The first and most famous of these was when Dylan retreated from rock stardom after his murkily documented mid-1966 motorcycle accident and then reemerged as an almost unrecognizably calmer, more grounded figure.
Dalton's rigorous attention to pictorial detail might seem excessive at points since the reproductions of the paintings in Edge are so small and murkily reprinted as to obscure many of the details she describes.
The reader is taken on an eloquent journey of the personal and the political as well as the murkily historical, meandering from the Malaccan sultanate to the Mahathir years, when the dictatorial style of government set in with the subsequent clampdown on free speech that exiled this patriot for some years.