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[Middle English murrei, from Old French more, from Latin mōrum, mulberry, blackberry.]

mur′rey adj.


(Colours) archaic Brit mulberry-coloured
[C14: from Old French moré, ultimately from Latin mōrum mulberry]


(ˈmɜr i)

a dark purplish red color.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Middle French moré (adj. and n.), morée (n.) < Medieval Latin mōrātum, mōrāta, neuter and feminine of mōrātus= Latin mōr(um) mulberry + -ātus -ate1]
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On the scutcheon we'll have a bend OR in the dexter base, a saltire MURREY in the fess, with a dog, couchant, for common charge, and under his foot a chain embattled, for slavery, with a chevron VERT in a chief engrailed, and three invected lines on a field AZURE, with the nombril points rampant on a dancette indented; crest, a runaway nigger, SABLE, with his bundle over his shoulder on a bar sinister; and a couple of gules for supporters, which is you and me; motto, MAGGIORE FRETTA, MINORE OTTO.
Fox Lake Trustee Greg Murrey was remembered as a loyal friend, gifted public servant, and an excellent Santa Claus.
Gavin Murrey, executive vice president and current co-head of Public Finance/Debt Investment Banking with Baird, will become the divisions leadership.
DISCUSSION Paul Dunne of Ireland and caddie Alan Murrey
Southampton supporter Murrey Holmes, 24, was on his way to watch his team play at West Bromwich Albion on February 28 last year when violence broke out on a train from Snow Hill.
John Murrey from Langley Park released 15 and took three.
He deserves praise for extracting a brilliant voice performance from a group of stellar actors, including Kingsley, Murrey, Elba, Lupita Nyong'o, Scarlett Johansson and Christopher Walken, and guiding young Sethi to deliver a convincing performance as Mowgli.
Rafi ud Din Hashmi and Principal Govt Murrey College Sialkot Prof.
Murrey Atkins Library, thinks the two companies have very different work cultures and foresees a culture clash.
Results: Liam Carey (Horsley Hill) LPTSUN Dylan Skedd (Hartlepool Catholic), Connor Byrne (Bishop Auckland) LPTSUN Alfie Swallwell (Phil Thomas), Steffan Robinson (Bishop Auckland) WPTSUN Matthew Stewart (Sunderland), Ian Carr (Bishop Auckland) LTKO2 Kyle Mace (Brambles Farm), Brad Thorburn (Bishop Auckland) WSPLIT Richard Admed (Horsley Hill), Ashley Horner (Horsley Hill) LSPLIT Alistair Watson (Ryton), Kalim Stuart (Bishop Auckland) LPTSUN Morgan Murrey (Hartlepool Catholic), Hannah Robinson (Bishop Auckland) LTKO2 Judith Unterlass (Forest Hall), Jimmy Tyers (Bishop Auckland) WPTSUN Charlie Burt (Newbiggin).
Tom King on the smoothie bike with NBLT worker Andrew Murrey ?
However, patients soon developed uremic symptoms before their next treatment, so the treatment frequency was increased to twice weekly (Hegstrom, Murrey, Pendras, Burnell, & Scribner, 1962).