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n. & v. Obsolete
Variant of murder.


n, vb
an archaic word for murder
ˈmurtherer n


(ˈmɜr dər)

n., v. -dered, -der•ing. n.
1. the unlawful killing of a person, esp. when done with deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime (first-degree murder) or with intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degree murder).
2. something injurious, immoral, or otherwise censurable: to get away with murder.
3. something extremely difficult or unpleasant: That exam was murder!
4. to kill by an act constituting murder.
5. to kill or slaughter barbarously.
6. to spoil or mar through incompetence: The singer murdered the aria.
7. Informal. to defeat thoroughly.
8. to commit murder.
[1300–50; Middle English mo(u)rdre, murder, variant (influenced by Old French murdre < Germanic) of murthre murther]


Past participle: murthered
Gerund: murthering

I murther
you murther
he/she/it murthers
we murther
you murther
they murther
I murthered
you murthered
he/she/it murthered
we murthered
you murthered
they murthered
Present Continuous
I am murthering
you are murthering
he/she/it is murthering
we are murthering
you are murthering
they are murthering
Present Perfect
I have murthered
you have murthered
he/she/it has murthered
we have murthered
you have murthered
they have murthered
Past Continuous
I was murthering
you were murthering
he/she/it was murthering
we were murthering
you were murthering
they were murthering
Past Perfect
I had murthered
you had murthered
he/she/it had murthered
we had murthered
you had murthered
they had murthered
I will murther
you will murther
he/she/it will murther
we will murther
you will murther
they will murther
Future Perfect
I will have murthered
you will have murthered
he/she/it will have murthered
we will have murthered
you will have murthered
they will have murthered
Future Continuous
I will be murthering
you will be murthering
he/she/it will be murthering
we will be murthering
you will be murthering
they will be murthering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been murthering
you have been murthering
he/she/it has been murthering
we have been murthering
you have been murthering
they have been murthering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been murthering
you will have been murthering
he/she/it will have been murthering
we will have been murthering
you will have been murthering
they will have been murthering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been murthering
you had been murthering
he/she/it had been murthering
we had been murthering
you had been murthering
they had been murthering
I would murther
you would murther
he/she/it would murther
we would murther
you would murther
they would murther
Past Conditional
I would have murthered
you would have murthered
he/she/it would have murthered
we would have murthered
you would have murthered
they would have murthered
References in classic literature ?
cried Aylward, as the yellow flame flickered up, "it is indeed young master Ford, and I think that this seneschal is a black villain, who dare not face us in the day but would murther us in our sleep.
He that hangs himself is a virgin; virginity murthers itself, and should be buried in highways out of all sanctified limit, as a desperate offendress against nature.
Two Most Unnaturall and Bloodie Murthers," in A Yorkshire Tragedy, The Revels Plays (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1986), line 56.
Sundry strange and inhumaine Murthers, lately committed (1591); Thomas Deloney, The Lamentation of Master Page's Wife (London, 1591); Anon.
46) The authors (probably Greene and a collaborator) leave little doubt about the drama's selling-point: if the play is well received, they promise in the epilogue that 'The second part shall greater murthers tell' (7).
I cannot say, but that some such Murthers were committed, and I think two were sent to Prison for it, but died before they could be try'd; and I have heard that three others, at several Times, were excused for Murthers of that kind; but I must say I believe nothing of its being so common a Crime, as some have since been pleas'd to say, nor did it seem to be so rational, where the People were brought so low as not to be able to help themselves, for such seldom recovered, and there was no Temptation to commit a Murder, at least, none equal to the Fact where they were sure Persons would die in so short a Time; and could not live.
Which godly Martyrs as they could not abide beyng aliue, so neither can they now suffer their memories to lyue after their death, least the acts of them beyng knowne, might bring perhaps their wicked acts and cruell murthers to detestation: and therfore spurne they so vehemently against this booke of histories, with all kind of contumelies and vprores, railing and wondering vpon it.
In A Godly Form of Houshold Government, one of the most popular early modern conduct books, John Dod and Robert Cleaver argued that the horror of realizing one is permanently and intimately tied to someone hateful leads to "so great ruines, so wicked and vile deeds, as maymes, and murthers, committed by such desperate persons, as are 10th to keepe, and yet cannot lawfully refuse, nor leave them.
Pattern'd by that the poet here describes,/ By nature made for murthers and for rapes" (IV.
But in his speech opening the 1604 Parliament, James seemed even more concerned with the dangers posed by Catholics: twice noting the "encrease [of] their number and strength in this Kingdome" and linking this to the imperial ambitions of the Pope, James ventured that the "continuall practise" of the most radical Catholics "is the assasinates and murthers of Kings, thinking it no sinne, but rather a matter of salvation, to doe all actions of rebellion and hostilitie against their naturall Soveraigne Lord" (A Speach, As It Was Delivered .
In about an Hour's Time after this first Cry all was Confusion there was little shooting, the Execution was all cutting of Throats and meer House Murthers.