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Noun1.muscat grape - sweet aromatic grape used for raisins and wine
vinifera grape - grape from a cultivated variety of the common grape vine of Europe
muscadel, muscadelle, muscatel, muscat - wine from muscat grapes
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Frontera Crisp and Fresh White PS5 at the Co-op This unusual, great value, nonvintage Chilean white is part of Concha Y Toro's increasingly popular Frontera range and is made from the floral, aromatic muscat grape. It delivers lightly textured but sweet edged, pithy orange and ripe melon fruit with arresting grapefruit acidity to add balancing piquancy and verve.
Muscat grape juice tastes just like the sweet and floral muscat grapes that produce it.
However, the high sugar content of the Muscat grape must (300 g/l) promotes the growth of yeast, these microorganisms play an essential role in the food industry.
These days, Muscat Blanc, a Petits Grains is considered the suerior muscat grape but maybe it wasn't available in Pyramid Wines.
Planeta olive oil from Sicily and Moscatel vinegar made from the Spanish Muscat grape. I couldn't be in the kitchen without those two ingredients.
Days of Summer 2014 (PS7.99, Co-Op, Majestic) is prettily floral, with a tempting tropical taste from the muscat grape. As summer eases into view, you won't go far wrong if you have this in a glass in your garden.
The large, round berries of the Muscat grape eventually gave way to the Thompson Seedless grape as the preferred variety for raisin producers.
Referring to the Muscat grape, Chaballier added: "I thought that next time we may try Muscat so as to give the meat a more musky taste."
2010 Grand Estates Moscato is an off-dry white wine comprised from several Muscat grape varieties (75% Muscat Canelli, 15% Morio-Muskat, 10% Black Muscat).
Darjeeling teas, for example, are grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and are characterized by a Muscat grape flavor--sweet and floral.
Writing from the South of France, the sweet wine here is made from the Muscat grape.
Two for Tea, an online boutique featuring exotic, richly flavored loose international teas and complex blends from across the world, offers black, green, red, and even fruit teas with ingredients such as muscat grape; dried apples, cranberries and hibiscus; and even South African rooibos bush.