muscle cell

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Noun1.muscle cell - an elongated contractile cell that forms the muscles of the bodymuscle cell - an elongated contractile cell that forms the muscles of the body
fibre, fiber - any of several elongated, threadlike cells (especially a muscle fiber or a nerve fiber)
muscle, musculus - one of the contractile organs of the body
somatic cell, vegetative cell - any of the cells of a plant or animal except the reproductive cells; a cell that does not participate in the production of gametes; "somatic cells are produced from preexisting cells";
striated muscle cell, striated muscle fiber - an elongated contractile cell in striated muscle tissue
smooth muscle cell - cells of the smooth muscles
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They found that just because a skeletal muscle cell produced in the lab expresses muscle markers, doesn't mean it is fully functional.
Deficient animals demonstrated reduced running ability compared to normal rats and showed increased muscle cell plasma membrane permeability.
Kuhn points out that research in the 1930s and 1940s suggested that cardiomyocyte division may continue after birth, and recent reports about myocardial regeneration in zebrafish and neonatal mice suggest that some young animals regenerate heart muscle by using mechanisms of muscle cell division.
We are developing a computer model of a muscle cell based on experimentally measured parameters to find out which functional changes in the mutated channels are responsible for the myotonic bursts.
Effects of urantide on vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation In group M, U-II dramatically promoted vascular smooth muscle cells proliferation at each time point when compared with group C (p<0.
The expression of the novel homeobox gene inhibits vascular smooth muscle cell growth.
The muscle cell cytoskeleton consists of proteins and structures whose primary function is to link, anchor, or tether structural components inside the cell.
Indirectly, virally provoked paracrine expression of chemokines and growth factors might stimulate migration of smooth muscle cells from the adventitia and media into the intima, along with smooth muscle cell proliferation, both important components of atherogenesis and restenosis (54).
Without this signal, muscle cell precursors can even be reprogrammed to undergo fat formation so that they turn into fat.
The disease is characterized by an unusual type of muscle cell that invades the tissue of the lungs, including the airways, and blood and lymph vessels.
They found that if the muscle cell nuclei outnumbered the skin cell nuclei, the skin nuclei began to express muscle-specific genes within a few hours of fusion.
The team then added to the hiPSC cell culture another signaling inhibitor molecule that is a known driver for heart muscle cell formation.