muscle in

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يَقْتَحِم أو يُشارِك بالقُوَّه
vedrat se
mase sig ind
troîa sér
zorla girmek

w>muscle in

vi (inf)mitmischen (inf)(on bei); to muscle in on somebody’s territoryjdm dazwischenfunken (inf)
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(ˈmasl) noun
any of the bundles of fibres in the body which, by contracting or relaxing, cause movement of the body. He has well-developed muscles in his arms.
muscular (ˈmaskjulə) adjective
1. of, or relating to, muscle(s). great muscular strength.
2. having well-developed muscles; strong. She is tall and muscular.
muscle in (often with on)
to gain entry, or gain a share of something by force. The large firms have muscled in on all the important contracts.
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Chelsea could muscle in on Liverpool's move for Alex Teixeira but are likely to allow Loic Remy to leave.
EVERY person has a unique tongue print and, relative to size, the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.