muscle memory

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Noun1.muscle memory - your memory for motor skills
long-term memory, LTM - your general store of remembered information
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If you are like me, at that point you warn them that kinesthetic, or muscle memory, is the easiest to do and the most likely to let you down during a performance!
You lose your muscle memory and your skills are dull.
A primary benefit is that they stimulate the nerves that affect muscle firing and provide the muscle memory needed to perform difficult tasks.
A change of holsters means thousands of practice draws to reprogram muscle memory. Of course, anything that relies on a series of movements and mechanisms to retain the gun can ultimately be overcome by either a learned adversary or simple blind luck during the tugging and twisting of a gungrab situation.
"It was muscle memory, it worked like clockwork," he said, speaking of his medical platoon with the 2/112th Infantry.
What were are doing is mag develop ng muscle memory na 'pag may lindol, mag duck, cover, and hold agad,' Marasigan said.
DUBLIN'S "muscle memory" can see them through if things get sticky against Donegal again on Sunday.
As for learning how to type with Minuum's condensed layout, Walmsley assures us that any user's current muscle memory will be enough, and mistakes will be corrected by the software.
Hit the classic opening warehouse level with a friend in tow, hear Goldfinger's Superman tune kick in, and crack a huge smile as all those great memories - and high score-earning muscle memory - flow back.
Works by Al Davison are featured in the exhibition Muscle Memory at the Lock Gallery at the Canal Basin.
In this theory, the performer has learned the piece by kinesthetic or muscle memory and suddenly questions where he is in the music or what the next note will be and cannot remember.