muscle spasm

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Noun1.muscle spasm - a painful and involuntary muscular contractionmuscle spasm - a painful and involuntary muscular contraction
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
charley horse, charley-horse - a muscular cramp (especially in the thigh or calf) following vigorous exercise
graphospasm, writer's cramp - muscular spasms of thumb and forefinger while writing with a pen or pencil
blepharospasm - spasm of the eyelid muscle resulting in closure of the eye
crick, kink, rick, wrick - a painful muscle spasm especially in the neck or back (`rick' and `wrick' are British)
myoclonus - a clonic spasm of a muscle or muscle group
twitch, twitching, vellication - a sudden muscle spasm; especially one caused by a nervous condition
tenesmus - painful spasm of the anal sphincter along with an urgent desire to defecate without the significant production of feces; associated with irritable bowel syndrome
trismus - prolonged spasm of the jaw muscles
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Plastic and reconstructive surgeons focus on the technical nuances, strategies, and options of prepectoral breast reconstruction, an approach that leaves the pectoralis major muscle completely undisturbed during breast surgery in order to reduce the incidence of muscle spasm, animation deforming, and implant displacement.
Low Back Pain (LBP), a very common complaint among middle-aged population affecting 90% of all adults at least once in a lifetime and is usually associated with "muscle spasm" that is responsible for persistence pain.
Background: Musculoskeletal diseases with painful reflex muscle spasm have a high prevalence.
Prolonged pain from muscle spasm is normally because a muscle is protecting an injured part underneath it and won't go until it improves.
The tingling could be a result of this or because of muscle tension due to muscle spasm. This can occur with a musculoskeletal injury, such as a strained knee or hip, which can wax and wane.
The ailing world number one lost to Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka in the Australian Open final on Sunday following a major muscle spasm in his back early in the second set, preventing the Spaniard drawing level on 14 major singles titles with American Pete Sampras.
In case of muscle spasm, use muscle relaxants along with pain killers and use drugs in appropriate effective dosage.
Tozzi said the well-balanced diet should be high in dark green vegetables, because that's your best source of magnesium, which is a muscle relaxant, so it will decrease muscle spasm and cramping." Tozzi said drinking orange juice or eating orange slices and salted pretzels with water would be another alternative.
"But so long as what I'm getting told by doctors and the physios is, if it is just a muscle spasm, then that's nothing to be overly concerned by, (then I will play)."
But Murray said: "As long as what I'm getting told by doctors and the physios is, if it is just a muscle spasm, then that's nothing to be overly concerned by, (then I will play)."