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also mus·cle-bound  (mŭs′əl-bound′)
1. Having inelastic, overdeveloped muscles, usually as the result of excessive exercise.
a. Hindered by or as if by overdeveloped muscles.
b. Characterized by inflexibility; rigid.
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1. (Physiology) having overdeveloped and inelastic muscles
2. lacking flexibility
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Adj.1.muscle-bound - having stiff muscles as the result of excessive exercise; "he arrived accompanied by two muscle-bound body guards"
inflexible - resistant to being bent; "an inflexible iron bar"; "an inflexible knife blade";
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QUESTION 5 Muscle-bound leader of a group of freedom fighters out to save their home planet of Eternia in the 1987 movie Masters of the Universe.
Bale - who was a muscle-bound hunk in Batman and American Psycho - lets it all hang out in this film and shaves his head and bleaches his eyebrows.
This includes Thor, an ongoing tale of tongue-incheek but muscle-bound Scandinavian-style heroes running around JRR Tolkien-like worlds with huge weapons and improbable names.
Thirty muscle-bound athletes from all over the world have arrived in the country to compete in the thrilling battles of human strength and willpower of the 41st World Strongest Man (WSM) starting this weekend in various Philippine tourist destinations.
In one episode, for example, a black detective (a muscle-bound softie played by Terry Crews) is stopped and frisked by two white cops while off-duty and doing nothing more suspicious than walking from his front door to his minivan.
World number one Pliskova, who is still without a Grand Slam singles title in the adult ranks, found it tough going to assume dominance against slender American Nicole Gibbs in round two and the Czech could struggle to boss Gibbs' muscle-bound compatriot Vandeweghe.
"Son of Zorn" may seem to have an unusual premise: Its lead character, the muscle-bound warrior Zorn (voiced by Jason Sudeikis), leaves the mythical kingdom of Zephyria for the real world to reconnect with his teenage son.
Meanwhile in America, Dr Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) spearheads a programme to create the ultimate soldier, making asthmatic weakling Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) into the muscle-bound Captain America.
Meanwhile in America, Dr Erskine (Stanley Tucci) spearheads programme to create the ultimate soldier, making asthmatic weakling Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) into muscle-bound Captain America.
DANIEL MacPherson gives an agitated and aggressive performance as a marooned muscle-bound marine Whit Carmichael in this sci-fi thriller.
Summary: A Syrian character actor famous for playing muscle-bound bodyguards has died under mysterious circumstances, media reports said Friday.
The glamour girl turned bodybuilder said that she was "shaking with rage" and "in tears" after the official Twitter page of the fashion website compared her muscle-bound physique to a man's, the Daily Star reported.

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