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also mus·cle-bound  (mŭs′əl-bound′)
1. Having inelastic, overdeveloped muscles, usually as the result of excessive exercise.
a. Hindered by or as if by overdeveloped muscles.
b. Characterized by inflexibility; rigid.


(ˈmʌs əlˌbaʊnd)

1. having enlarged and inelastic muscles, as from excessive exercise.
2. rigid; inflexible: musclebound rules.


[ˈmʌslbaʊnd] ADJexageradamente musculoso
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Back in January 2016, the musclebound star held a meet-and-greet at the ICC, with tickets priced at an eye-watering PS1,500.
Back in January 2016, the musclebound star held a meetand-greet at the ICC - with tickets priced at an eye-watering PS1,500.
I'd prefer to watch Cage Worriers, with musclebound pugilists fretting about their lives: "I would take you down with a killer roundhouse kick but I've got a really important presentation to do at work next week, I'm not sure whether I locked the front door when I left the house, and global warming doesn't seem to be going away any time soon .
Childhood dreams were lived (and re-lived, in others' cases) as the musclebound athletes from different parts of the world slammed, suplexed, and flew their way into Filipinos' hearts for one night, leaving everyone asking them to come back soon for more action.
A MUSCLEBOUND personal trainer has claimed that Loose Women treated him like "a bit of meat" and dropped him as a guest after he refused to take his top off.
Ferrell goofs ad nauseum while his deadpan co-star repeatedly removes his shirt to poke fun at his musclebound screen image.
Andy is seriously injured and lying in a hospital bed before Lawrence finally realises his daughter is actually in a relationship with the musclebound groundsman.
Rage makes him turn into a massive, musclebound monster who can't make his clothes fit properly - but this version has shades of poignancy as it focuses more on his relationship with his father.
Bernice then becomes convinced that the musclebound farmer wants to get back together with her.
Twenty-three years later, Amy has taken those words to her booze-soaked heart, enjoying numerous anonymous sexual encounters, while dating a musclebound hunk called Steven (John Cena).
The Telegraph first reported on young Trumaine as a budding gymnast at the age of five - when the musclebound youngster already sported a six-pack as a result of his passion for training.
The title character - who looks uncannily like a musclebound version of Spurs star Gareth Bale - is a video game character who is tired of playing the villain.