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also mus·cle-bound  (mŭs′əl-bound′)
1. Having inelastic, overdeveloped muscles, usually as the result of excessive exercise.
a. Hindered by or as if by overdeveloped muscles.
b. Characterized by inflexibility; rigid.
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(ˈmʌs əlˌbaʊnd)

1. having enlarged and inelastic muscles, as from excessive exercise.
2. rigid; inflexible: musclebound rules.
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[ˈmʌslbaʊnd] ADJexageradamente musculoso
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Kad Ahmad runs the Musclebound bodybuilding shop in New Street - and he is not happy about the situation.
The first Fast & Furious spin-off leaves Vin Diesel standing on the sidewalk and instead motors ahead with the titular musclebound duo.
The lad complies with the innuendo-laden request and transforms into a musclebound hunk (Zachary Levi), whose abilities could prove decisive in mankind's battle with powercrazed archvillain Dr Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong).
The title of the latest Rambo movie is a nod to the first one, 1982's "Rambo: First Blood", which introduced the musclebound survivalist Vietnam veteran to audiences -- and kicked off a second lucrative franchise for Stallone alongside his "Rocky" films.
The lad turns into a musclebound hunk (Zachary Levi, avove), whose abilities could prove decisive in mankind's battle with archvillain Dr Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong).
Merchant's film is a conventional underdog story, which traces a predictable path in the razzamatazz world of professional wrestling where musclebound heroes and snarling villains whip crowds into a frenzy with their choreographed acrobatics.
Director of Rugby, Steve Diamond, has been accused of bullying tactics in a published report by Independent reporter Sam Peters, with comments such as "pitch-side trainers and medics smiling like puppies seeking approval from their master" or reference to "strutting, musclebound coaching staff, who would look more at home on the door of a Salford nightclub than they would coaching young men to play a sport with wit, skill and intelligence."
Martyn Ford, a gym owner and actor, is pitted against fellow musclebound giant Sajad Gharibi, who weighs 24 stone, in the full-contact, combat sport.
Back in January 2016, the musclebound star held a meet-and-greet at the ICC, with tickets priced at an eye-watering PS1,500.
I'd prefer to watch Cage Worriers, with musclebound pugilists fretting about their lives: "I would take you down with a killer roundhouse kick but I've got a really important presentation to do at work next week, I'm not sure whether I locked the front door when I left the house, and global warming doesn't seem to be going away any time soon ..."
Childhood dreams were lived (and re-lived, in others' cases) as the musclebound athletes from different parts of the world slammed, suplexed, and flew their way into Filipinos' hearts for one night, leaving everyone asking them to come back soon for more action.
Ferrell goofs ad nauseum while his deadpan co-star repeatedly removes his shirt to poke fun at his musclebound screen image.