musculus teres major

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Noun1.musculus teres major - teres muscle that moves the arm and rotates it medially
teres, teres muscle - either of two muscles in the shoulder region that move the shoulders and arms
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First, we concentrate on the PHCA passing under the fused tendons of the teres major (musculus teres major, TM) and the latissimus dorsi (musculus latissimus dorsi, LD).
The humerus of Eosphargis breineri (figure 2-7) show a very high development of the crista-like structures of the insertion of musculus teres major which forms a unit crista and the crista deltopectoralis, but neither are not fused together.
DIAGNOSIS: Processus minor nearly completely reduced, forming a knob; insertion of the musculus teres major forms an intertubercular hole; insertion of the musculus teres major forms a unit fused crista deltapectoralis which is fused with the crista lateralis.

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