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mush 1

 (mŭsh, mo͝osh)
1. A thick porridge or pudding of cornmeal boiled in water or milk.
2. Something thick, soft, and pulpy.
3. Informal Mawkish sentimentality, affection, or amorousness.
tr.v. mushed, mush·ing, mush·es
To reduce to mush; mash or crush.

[Probably alteration of mash.]

mush 2

v. mushed, mush·ing, mush·es
To travel, especially over snow with a dogsled.
To drive (a dogsled or team of dogs).
A journey, especially by dogsled.
Used to command a team of dogs to begin pulling or move faster.

[Possibly alteration of French marchons, first person pl. imperative of marcher, to walk, go, from Old French; see march1.]

mush′er n.
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(mʌʃt) or


squashed; mashed
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"When you an' me mushed into the Yukon in the good ole days, it didn't rain soup and they wa'n't no free-lunch joints.
Macey observed, "Folks as had the devil to back 'em were not likely to be so mushed" as poor Silas was.
I never got off the train since I mushed out of Seattle, and I'm hungry.