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mush 1

 (mŭsh, mo͝osh)
1. A thick porridge or pudding of cornmeal boiled in water or milk.
2. Something thick, soft, and pulpy.
3. Informal Mawkish sentimentality, affection, or amorousness.
tr.v. mushed, mush·ing, mush·es
To reduce to mush; mash or crush.

[Probably alteration of mash.]

mush 2

v. mushed, mush·ing, mush·es
To travel, especially over snow with a dogsled.
To drive (a dogsled or team of dogs).
A journey, especially by dogsled.
Used to command a team of dogs to begin pulling or move faster.

[Possibly alteration of French marchons, first person pl. imperative of marcher, to walk, go, from Old French; see march1.]

mush′er n.
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Noun1.musher - a traveler who drives (or travels with) a dog team
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
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For three days Perrault and Francois threw chests up and down the main street of Skaguay and were deluged with invitations to drink, while the team was the constant centre of a worshipful crowd of dog-busters and mushers. Then three or four western bad men aspired to clean out the town, were riddled like pepper-boxes for their pains, and public interest turned to other idols.
Zirkle is a decorated musher as evidenced by 'various awards throughout her mushing career, some of which were awarded to her by her fellow mushers.
Veteran musher Matt Failor appeared on the feed in real time.
Cotter's Sled Dog Kennel is owned and operated by Iditarod musher Bill Cotter, who has entered and finished more than 150 sled dog races in his forty-year career.
Huskies would pull a sled, guided by a man called a musher. In relay fashion, one team of dogs after another, dogs would speed the medicine across the frozen tundra to Nome.
"Yet another dog has died in the name of greed, his body discarded at a checkpoint as his musher hops back on the trail to vie for a prize.
Aveeno was founded in 1945 by brothers Sidney Musher and Albert Musher.
Aviemore's Sled Dog Rally, the largest event of its kind in the UK, with over 1000 sled dogs and 250 mushers. Features teams of between two and eight dogs pulling their musher on a sled around a four to seven mile trail.
Combining a love for dogs with a love of Alaska made it natural for him to become a dog musher. Which is how his new goal came to life.
2 For dogs who don't tolerate booties, consider a compound such as Musher's Secret that protects paws, keeps pads from drying out, and helps to prevent "snowballs" from building up on the paws.
In a relay of musher and dog teams, the serum was safely delivered to Nome, with musher Shannon's Balto as the lead dog on the last stretch.
Shout out to all the musher girls who dream of doing an eight-day adventure through Alaska and to all who race in the Last Great Race.