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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: teacher - someone who teaches musicmusic teacher - someone who teaches music    
piano teacher - someone who teaches students to play the piano
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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There was one of a German music teacher who had a room above Cellini's lodg- ings in the city of Milan that made the boys guffaw.
"You are always right," said the music teacher, seating herself by the side of her friend.
The best job you could get, Ruth, would be a country school or music teacher in a girls' boarding-school."
He thought she must be the new music teacher but he did not even know her name.
At this period in the progress of our race a very large proportion of the young men who went to school or to college did so with the expressed determination to prepare themselves to be great lawyers, or Congressmen, and many of the women planned to become music teachers; but I had a reasonably fixed idea, even at that early period in my life, that there was a need for something to be done to prepare the way for successful lawyers, Congressmen, and music teachers.
EAs work with one student for many hours a day and may have a rapport with that student that the music teacher will likely be unable to develop (Margerison, 1997).
In hopes of exploring more information regarding the attrition issue of new educators, scholars have continued to explore challenges faced by young teachers (DeLorenzo, 1992; Fredrickson & Neill, 2004; Madsen & Kelly, 2002), including music teacher turnover at the state level (Killian & Baker, 2006) and music teacher attrition in relation to administrative support, resource availability, and professional networks (Hancock, 2008; Kruger, 2000; Madsen & Hancock, 2002).
Synopsis: In the pages of "The Savvy Music Teacher: Blueprint for Maximizing Income & Impact", David Culter (who serves as the University of South Carolina's Director of Music Entrepreneurship) answers the question of whether or not it is possible to have a music teaching career that is meaningful, artistically fulfilling, and financially self-supporting? is designed to provide convenience and value to students looking for their music teacher by sharing comprehensive teachers' profiles.
For example in the Waterloo region alone, music coordinators and consultants worked together to ensure a Kodaly trained music teacher was hired for as many schools as possible within the system.
While all teachers are at risk of potential isolation, music teachers are particularly vulnerable, due to the specialisation of the discipline of music, and the fact that often there may only be one music teacher at each school (Krueger, 1999; Ballantyne, 2006).
It also suggested that with a stronger emphasis on these principles in preservice music teacher education programs, future music teachers might better "meet the needs of contemporary students" (DEST, 2005, p.