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Noun1.Musical box - produces music by means of pins on a revolving cylinder that strike the tuned teeth of a comb-like metal platemusical box - produces music by means of pins on a revolving cylinder that strike the tuned teeth of a comb-like metal plate
musical instrument, instrument - any of various devices or contrivances that can be used to produce musical tones or sounds
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"How much the bird reminds me of the musical box that belonged to our blessed Empress," said an old knight.
It was her hope that the quiet life and soothing air of Brookport, with--unless you counted the money-in-the-slot musical box at the store--its absence of the fiercer excitements, might in time pull him together and unscramble his disordered nervous system.
The pleasure of having Lucy to look at, and the prospect of the afternoon visit to Garum Firs, where she would hear uncle Pullet's musical box, had been marred as early as eleven o'clock by the advent of the hair-dresser from St.
My father accompanied me every day in a drive, and a gradually lengthening walk as my powers of walking increased; and one evening he had agreed to come and fetch me at twelve the next day, that we might go together to select a musical box, and other purchases rigorously demanded of a rich Englishman visiting Geneva.
They handled a line of cheap gramophones, and did a little with musical boxes.
The Musical Box (Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, 0151-709 3789) Friday, 8.15pm.
Madeley TG Speaker Kathleen Turner gave an introduction to the Musical Box Society of Great Britain.
| Musical Box, West Derby Road "Owner Diane Cain has a wealth of anecdotes, my favourite being...
So when they pair arrive at The Tivoli on Thursday next week, they will be presenting a musical box of delights with some truly showstopping numbers.
A new chapter of musical box for the very first time would entertain the people of capital city, said a statement issued here on Monday.
15 Days is Channel 5's remake of S4C's 35 Diwrnod (35 Days) - I'm not sure where the other 20 days vanished - and, while it's set in a bleak country farmhouse and is very dark and surreal (and features the quintessential creepy musical box), it immediately draws you in.
"Circus Parade is nothing short of wonderful, their accompanying musical box inviting everyone to share a smile or a dance; they are bubbly, quirky and fun to be with.