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Communication within the Musical Group will touch on such issues as how does a musical group work effectively together, how do they rehearse, and how do they achieve common trust and respect.
NEW YORK (AP) - Johnny Depp is set to perform live with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry as the musical group Hollywood Vampires.
Nasim Ahmadian, the head of an all-women musical group called Nasim, plays the santur and lives in Esfahan.
FIVE charities are singing from the rooftops thanks to donations from a musical group.
Summary: Muscat: Act of Congress, a US musical group based in Birmingham, Alabama that specialises in .
musical group based in Birmingham, Alabama that specializes in playing acoustic instruments across several genres of music, is visiting the Sultanate from September 26th to 28th as part of a tour sponsored by the U.
Contract awarded for this tender is to engage the services of a musical group consisting of a wide repertoire tropical group and a folk group to party rancher catapilco costumbrista 2013 to be held on wednesday 18th , thursday 19, friday 20 and saturday september 21, 2013, by which it shall be fit on wednesday september 18 in order to ensure the proper functioning of this.
New York, July 11 ( ANI ): Les Horribles Cernettes, the CERN-linked musical group whose image was the first ever on the Internet, will be playing a last-ever concert on July 14 to celebrate the photo's 20th anniversary.
PUPILS at Coundon Primary school have been crowned Coventry's best Musical Group 2010 when they came top of the schools in a Christmas X Factor style competition.
Summary: The young artist Muhammad Noor has been unique since he started with the musical group "Wama" few years ago
Pennsylvania is considering a Truth in Musical Performance bill that would outlaw imposter bands staging a concert "through the use of a false, deceptive or misleading affiliation, connection or association" with a musical group.
Additional Angels in Adoption for 2005 include First Lady Laura Bush, actress Victoria Rowell and musical group Jars of Clay.