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Noun1.musical organization - an organization of musicians who perform togethermusical organization - an organization of musicians who perform together
organization, organisation - a group of people who work together
chorus - a group of people assembled to sing together
ensemble - a group of musicians playing or singing together; "a string ensemble"
section - a division of an orchestra containing all instruments of the same class
duette, duo, duet - two performers or singers who perform together
trio - three performers or singers who perform together
quartette, quartet - four performers or singers who perform together
quintette, quintet - five performers or singers who perform together
sextette, sestet, sextet - six performers or singers who perform together
septette, septet - seven performers or singers who perform together
octette, octet - eight performers or singers who perform together
orchestra - a musical organization consisting of a group of instrumentalists including string players
band - instrumentalists not including string players
dance band, dance orchestra, band - a group of musicians playing popular music for dancing
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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The Darius Milhaud Society, founded in 1986, was a musical organization designed to promote and preserve the music and legacy of French twentieth-century composer Darius Milhaud.
SAN JOSE -- A Filipino American musical organization based in this city has continued to promote a diverse, local musical culture while helping improve the lives of many young people.
Musical organization is something that we "latch on to," as we latch on to language.
Beethoven's music shows an almost ideal relationship between the material and the composer's creativity, allowing the emergence of a genuinely dialectical musical organization.
We don't belong to any musical organization but are registered as a non-profit organization.
The Marine Band was established by an Act of Congress signed by (the second) President John Adams on July 11, 1798, making it the oldest continuously active professional musical organization in the United States.
Although musicology is the most comprehensive term, it is currently used to refer to those whose research concentrates on music viewed as a historical practice; ethnomusicology, by contrast, tends to focus on the social and cultural contexts of musical practice, with an emphasis on non-western music; music theory is concerned, by and large, with developing systematic perspectives on musical organization and on close readings of individual musical works based on these perspectives.
Cecilia Society, the premier musical organization in North America through most of the late 18th century.
with the main purpose of creating a musical organization where all the participants (musicians, singers and dancers) function as the stars of every show.
The manner by which decisions are made and changes are implemented within a musical organization may reflect leadership style.
His British accent helps establish the setting for this intriguing view of the backstage workings of a large professional musical organization.
In a recent study of "choric communication" as practiced by a women's musical organization in Togo, West Africa, scholar Stephanie Nelson reasons, "If the musical context grants permission to say the unsayable--and to make the unsayable a new possibility--this makes music a particularly useful vehicle for those whose voices are suppressed and ignored.