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Noun1.musical perception - the auditory perception of musical sounds
auditory perception, sound perception - the perception of sound as a meaningful phenomenon
tonal pattern, melody - the perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes
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"There are a number of techniques that can be useful, mostly revolving around maximizing attention when trying to acquire new information, and leveraging multiple sensory modalities, such as vision, hearing, and musical perception to strengthen associations," Dr.
3 [2016], 83-86), Tenney created what can be considered a theory of musical perception at a time when mainstream theorists had not yet adapted such an approach.
Development of a clinical test of musical perception: Appreciation of music in cochlear implantees (AMICI).
The presented results are encouraging, but there is still a long way to develop a system that significantly helps people with some degree of deafness to achieve a satisfactory level of musical perception. Nevertheless, the learning resulting from conducting the tests exceeded our expectations.
(11) According to the authors, this battery has proven useful in detecting a variety of alterations in musical perception and memory which may derive from brain damage, as well as the identification of cerebral structures associated with the components of musical cognition.
He focuses on the hows and whys of music in human life, rather than analysis and criticism, and provides short chapters on the challenges of writing about music; the difficulties in defining it; evolutionary theories of its origins; the innateness of music in humanity; the impression of character in musical works; the shape of musical patterns; the transience of music; its relationship to language; music in the natural world; folk and art music; music consumption; creativity; music-making; the mind and musical perception; listening preferences; music and identity; prejudice and tolerance in musical choices; religious interpretations of music; and music as a spiritual conduit.
Musical sophistication appears to cause a shift of musical perception from the right to the left hemisphere [40].
Scruton holds that a melody is a purely intentional object of musical perception. In certain works of atonal music we hear instruments sounding together at different pitches.
Interactive activities for visitors will include the chance to auto-tune their voice, test their musical perception and try vocal remedies of myth and science at the Remedy Bar.
We are specifically interested in how previous research investigated music's non-representational status, the materiality of sound, the neural correlates of musical perception, the intrinsic characteristics of music itself, and musical imagery.
Tension and resolution are also central to a listener's musical perception. Analysis suggests that "the overlap in linguistic and musical syntax is not at the level of representation" (276).