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Noun1.musical soiree - a soiree assembled for the purpose of listening to music
soiree - a party of people assembled in the evening (usually at a private house)
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RIYADH -- Kuwait Women Band offered a musical soiree at the embassies district in Riyadh on the occasion of Kuwait's national days, with Kuwait Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ali Khaled Al-Jaber Al-Sabah attending.
A typical trip would find people gathering around a bonfire or a book release, an art exhibition, a musical soiree or endless discussions on Urdu or a greater need for India-Pakistan peace or at least an easier visa regime.
The musical soiree, organised by the Rozana group, reminisced about the folkloric heritage of Palestine with acute sense of loss.
Former Dunblane High School pupil Matthew McKinney was among a select group of talented students chosen to perform at Dumfries House, near Cumnock in East Ayrshire, as part of Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's (RCS) annual Christmas Musical Soiree and Festive Dinner.
Katara - the Cultural Village hosted renowned musical soiree "Stars of Georgia" to mark the 25th anniversary celebration of Georgia's independence at the Katara Opera House.
Popular Moroccan Jewish singer Vanessa Paloma leads a song with Moroccan Muslim singers at "Ramadan Musical Soiree," a 16-year tradition, at the U.S.
Soloists at the Christmas Musical Soiree, Victoria Miller >Charlton and Katie Swan Chemistry AS students PJ de Weme Brown and Hannah >Scott enjoying their work with Mr Philip Russell
Victoria Miller Charlton and Katie Swan, soloists at the Christmas Musical Soiree
Making the evening even more perfect is the soothing musical soiree rendered by top model and DJ Mia Ayesa with her remix of Brigitte Bardot's tunes.
There's nothing Irish people enjoy more than parading down memory lane in a sentimental musical soiree and tomorrow the man behind Gat Decor (him of Passion don't you know?) and Effective Records which brought you tracks like SAIN PART 2, LA LUNA , GOODFELLO'S and TALL PAUL's "Rock Da House" is DJing at Code 23 in Dublin's Eustace St (Temple Bar).
In between disposing of official files, he will also let his hair down by visiting the places of historical importance and enjoying a musical soiree organised by the tourism department of the state.