musique concrète

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mu·sique con·crète

 (mo͞o-zēk′ kŏn-krĕt′, mü-zēk kôN-krĕt′)
Electronic music composed of instrumental and natural sounds often altered or distorted in the recording process.

[French : musique, music + concrète, concrete.]

musique concrète

(myzik kɔ̃krɛt)
(Music, other) another term for concrete music

mu•sique con•crète

(Fr. mü zik kɔ̃ˈkrɛt)
tape-recorded musical and natural sounds often electronically enhanced and organized into a coherent artistic work.
[< French (1952): literally, concrete music]
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Chapters discuss chromaticism within and beyond tonality in Germany and Austria; Neoclassicism; early interests in color, noise, and new sonorities; extensions of the 12-tone system in and outside Vienna; the continuation and development of trends established before World War I and new trends between the wars; atonal and 12-tone techniques after World War II; musique concrete, electronic, and aleatoric movements; and composers in Europe, the US, Latin America, and Eastern Asia since the mid-1940s.
The sound they make is an eclectic mix of everything from Hindustani music to reggae, free jazz to metal, Brazilian music to musique concrete.
I am very interested in musique concrete, which involves the manipulation of everyday sounds to create music,'' said Dr Cox.
SOUNDSCAPE, AUDIO COLLAGE, musique concrete, found sound.
The Berlin-based Argentinian artist Mario Verandi presents a splendid musique concrete piece in which he treats "waste" sounds which, especially in the environment of computing technology, originate as products of Failure.
From classical during my days at the Conservatoire de Paris, to more obscure movements such as Musique Concrete when I joined the Musical Research Group; jazz and pop too.
Taking cues from the psychedelic spontaneity and "instant composing" championed by Suzuki, Alla has another side, one that resides in the electric gardens of tropicalia, musique concrete, Residents-style layering, Beatles-esque experimentation and the innovations of Cafe Tacuba.
Topics range from Pierre Schaeffer's musique concrete to radio productions conditioned by the "rapid and unceasing transformation of the processes of radio reception" to video game music; see the PDF brochure for more details.
I love electronic music and some of the weird, esoteric [stuff like] avant-garde, ambient, and musique concrete, but sometimes you want to hear instruments being played.
All right, it's more surreal-objects-and-spaces as musique concrete.
Set to outdated musique concrete by Pierre Henry, this duet for (literally) a creaking Door, played by Helene Alexopoulos, in a voluminous, stage-embracing black skirt and Louise Brooks-style bangs, and (literally) a wheezing Sigh, played like a wilting ghost by Tom Gold, is not one of Balanchine's classics.
His raw mix of blues, folk and musique concrete have gained him a reputation as one of the greatest guitar innovators that's ever lived.